iQ Hired: One-Stop Solution For All Your Engineering Needs From Concept To Mass Production

Sandeep Rao,Managing Director

Sandeep Rao

Managing Director

IQ Hired was founded in 2017 by a group of highly energetic engineers and innovators. Before starting the company, the group had spent more than a decade together trying to solve open ended problems that would disrupt the market in various ways. After working on many projects and developing innovative solutions, the team recognized the need for structure and founded IQ Hired in Huntsville, Alabama, United States, as an official company rather than a group of individual consultants.

In 2018, the company setup it's global technical center in Bangalore, India to help it's customers with workforce management solutions and later expanded it's offerings in IoT solutions, engineering services and information technology. Since it's inception, the company has been fighting to reduce the long cycle times and extraordinary costs involved in recruiting new employees by writing recruitment algorithms that would match people with the right jobs and predict a sustainable working relationship with the employers.

Qwantos, is one of the flagship products that IQ Hired has developed. This is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled workforce management solution that has helped several companies transform their talent acquisition process. The solution has helped several end users manage their workforce from hiring to retiring using one single tool.
IQ Hired not only writes algorithms to help recruit new employees but also provides blended workforce management services to it's customers by helping them recruit top talent in the market with the help of a team of highly talented recruiters. The company has successfully helped several customers recruit Direct, contract and short term employees in various industries such as Information technology, Finance, Manufacturing, Engineering, Aerospace, retail, and others

Sandeep Rao is the managing director of global operations at IQ Hired, where he oversees a team of engineers, technicians, recruiters, and a global tech center. The core management team comprises of Asha Suresh, who is the technology leader of the company, Steve Rogers oversees Marketing and Sales, Chandan Shiralikar is responsible for business growth globally and Parvati is in charge of staffing services.

The company currently has delivery centers in Huntsville, Alabama, US, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, New York, US and Bangalore, India. IQ Hired also has sales centers in Mexico, Canada and Oman. As a part of it's offerings IQ Hired also helps companies solve complex engineering problems by providing a wide range of engineering services. The company has helped several customers with end to end product development support right from CAD designing, Analysis : CAE/FEA, embedded systems, IoT solutions, testing and validation. The company has successfully helped it's customers file and acquire more than 10 US patents.

Our aim is to be a dependable global partner for businesses of all sizes by delivering innovative IT solutions, superior engineering support, and assistance in finding the right talent for their organization

In the recent past, IQ Hired has invested heavily on developing cutting edge IoT solutions. The company has helped it's customers gain real time visibility of it's remote assets, fleets and production facilities by using the latest technology available in sensors, 5G and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

The IoT team at IQ Hired is currently helping various customers from different industries such as logistics, health care, retail, manufacturing, fleet management and construction. "IQ Hired is currently at it's strongest point since we opened doors five years ago. We are more confident than ever about the company's future, and we are looking forward to new opportunities and challenges",w says Sandeep Rao, MD of IQ Hired.