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RajendraPrasadNadella,Co-Founder&Managing Director


Co-Founder&Managing Director

Amidst the geographical, political and social challenges, education plays a pivotal role in enhancing the country’s competitiveness in the global economy. Regarded to be one of the most powerful instruments, it has become central to the economic & social development. Marching towards a developing economy, many schools and colleges across, especially in the rural counterparts are trying to encompass quality & affordable education. One such case is of EPHSS Kishtwar Govt Boys School, Doda& Govt. School of Ramban, in districts of Jammu & Kashmir. The requirement was to teach science subjects specifically for the students of 11th & 12th grade by teaching experts in the politically volatile situation in the valley. Looking into the matter, iScholar Education Services Private Limited, a Bangalore based EdTech company driven to bring social change, collaborated with the Indian army to bring in the best of teachers into their classrooms through the technology of tele education. By designing a special program with insights & inputs gathered from all stake holders, followed by series of instruction, evaluation, and discussion not only ensured the retention of attention but also enabled students to evaluate their
performance through short tests and discussions.

iScholar'son-demand live tutoring platform enables anytime, anywhere collaborative learning opportunities to learn with complete customized study, interactions, assessments and remedial measures

This is one of the many success stories of iScholar Education Services. The brainchild of Rajendra Prasad Nadella, a Retd.Colonel in the Indian Armed Forces,is one of extreme dedication, perseverance, and passion. Hailing from a remote interior village in Andhra Pradesh, Rajendra knew that exposure to quality & affordable education in India was a dream of millions. While serving in the army, the idea of initiating an educational platform always on his mind.

Education - For Social Change & Development
Rajendra Prasad Nadella, Founder & CEO, speaks, "Belonging from rural region my personal experiences and hurdles made me think about the lakhs of students who face similar issue. There is a huge existing gap that lies in education accessibility in terms of quality, teaching professionals and so on. Identifying the loopholes, I institutionalized iScholar to address the loopholes and create ample opportunities through technology, content & digitization."

Founded in 2013, iScholar on-demand live tutoring
platform enables anytime, anywhere collaborative learning opportunities to learn with the complete customized study, interactions, assessments and remedial measures. Today, the platform is not only being used widely by private and governmental institutions to deliver learning and education programs(LEAP)in urban, semi urban and rural areas but also acts as an education service provider for schools, colleges, professional trainers, tutors, corporate and more.

iScholar over a period of time has developed two products viz - a live interactive tele - educational platform and a cloud-based platform that can be accessible by any device. The first one focuses on school and the second product focuses on JEE coaching. Basically, we are raising a platform where one teacher can support multiple locations at the low internet cost. Also, through our cloud-based platform we want to be a 24/7 service provider that assist with all academics support,” avers Nadella.

Currently, with a team of 30+ fulltime employees and 12000 students, the company has tied up with Anand Kumar's Super 30 for Online JEE course and launched a platform, i30 for the benefit of students across the country. With funding support from Rangsons and growing exponentially, iScholar is targeting 60 crores revenue. The company's scholarship program ensures that no child loses opportunity to poverty. Driven by the vision to create a knowledge grid of the best teachers and learning methodologies to impart quality Education On-Demand(EOD) through innovation, iScholar is soon going to leverage video-centric classrooms along with expanding its operations.