Isomorphic Design Lab: Strategy. Design. Innovation.

Dhananjay Shahane & Shrish Bhagwat,PartnersPopularly known as ID Lab, Pune based Isomorphic Design Lab is a strategic product design innovation firm that is unique in itself. Isomorphic's core competency lies in the area of Industrial Design, Engineering, UX/UI, Graphics/ packaging Design and more.

In modern day design world, the 'Changing paradigm' and 'Frugal Innovation' are the two keywords that have gained much importance. Be it in consumer, healthcare, telecom or any other industry verticals, Frugal Innovation has become a major part of the growing trend with creating below-the-radar inventions that devise low-cost solutions to local problems, often borne of necessity by using bespoke technologies of own creation. But what lagged was designs services to support the
changing market need. That's where the idea of creating a company in the designing space was conceptualized. This marked the beginning of Isomorphic Design Lab in 2015.

“ID Labs DNA has always been consistent to render extremely rapid turn-around times and handout truly superior quality designs at exceptionally affordable rates”

Isomorphic Design Lab is the brainchild of two industry veterans - Shrish Bhagwat and Dhananjay Shahane who possesses over 50+ years of cumulative experience in Design and Development, Information & System Architecture, Strategic Design and Operations Management. “We deliver superior quality designs as per the client’s requirement. From 2D Graphics to system-level solutions, while not losing sight on 'Time to Market' reduction,” says Shrish.

Innovative & Affordable Design Solutions
As one of the most rapidly growing firms in the design domain, ID Labs in no sooner time has won the trust of the clients in the design service space.

Some of the major clients include USHA, Groupe SEB, Hindware, Freuden berg Gala and many
notable names. Addressing the challenges, the company devised efficient Design & Development Supply Chain(D-SCM). In a nutshell,the company’s unique DSCM includes Design, Prototype Development, Engineering, eData Creation, Supplier Development and Pilot manufacturing support.

Mr Dhananjay avers, “At ID Labs, our team designs solutions to create customer satisfaction and help them achieve business objectives.

Design Entrepreneurship – The Way Ahead
Based on the principle of Innovative and Affordable Design Intervention, ID Labs success clearly defines its noble mission to make affordable better products. With generating a robust growth at 2x on the small base, it has been able to add clientele and retain its clients successfully. A recipient of India Design Mark, the company has aided its clients to register 3 patents and earned recognition for good design. Taking up the challenge to promote Design ID LAB has partnered in Design clinic scheme Run by NID and Govt. of India.

As investment in future, team Isomorphic Labs wants to nurture design entrepreneurship and create a new product-based business line for Tier 2/3 manufacturers.