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Khalid Isar ,Founder & CEO

Khalid Isar

Founder & CEO

An e-Commerce solution provider, iTech Ecommerce chiefly functions as the largest global channel partner of This cooperative connection is almost four and a half years old which came to pass in the year 2015. Ever since then the company has been bagging the best Global Partner Award every year for demonstrating excellence of being a perfect abetter. The company abides by a defined and fundamental line of work and that is to be of service to SMEs and helps their business to establish and spring up in the Global market. It has also stuck its neck out to help export startup’s execute their business endeavour and carry out global trades by availing the metier of Alibaba platform. In the main, it acts as the enablers to exporters, manufacturers and trader who are looking forward to bring about all cross border trade.

"Alibaba. com is an international platform which is B2B in nature. Wherein, if a person wishes to take a membership then the businessperson can launch themselves from this global platform in order to be connected with the buyers from all across the globe. It will definitely help them expand their ventures and at the same time reach out to the targeted audiences,” add : says Khalid Isar, Founder and CEO.

The Evolution
The genesis of iTech Ecommerce is connected with the advent of Alibaba. The story gets a sat about a decade ago when this e-Commerce mammoth made its debut in the Indian business ecosystem with the idea to redefine the dimension of its up and running. The sole intention of premiering into this locus was to help all the SMEs to cultivate and gain momentum in the market. But for this purpose, Alibaba had to step its foot on the major cities of the country, considering which it had launched offices at four different locations, the major cities of like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad. Perhaps, endeavoring to give this objective a proper shape became quite taxing for the company.

Soon it realized the need of a channel partner board which will take its responsibility of expanding the business and reaches in every nook and corner of India. This requirement appeared to be an opportunity for KhalidIsar, who was then the Country General Manager of He came up with the idea of stepping forwards to lend a helping hand to this ecommerce giant. This chain of episodes incident led to the inauguration of iTech e-Commerce- an institution that is solely focused on facilitating the significant conversion of ecommerce for the Indian SMEs by harnessing the ceaseless prospects of internet to attract the buyers from all around the world and simultaneously nourish and boost their existence with the help of experience and seasoned professional.

Through this establishment, Khalid intends to craft far reaching digital solutions that are constructive, creative and impactful, assuring maximization of returns to online businesses along with value added services specialised services and training to SMEs. “Being a part of Alibaba when it was at its nascent stage in India was the most important and opportune moment for me. Measuring up the needs and the future prospective of Alibaba introduced
me the potential business opportunity. Seeing the scopes I decided to launch a company that will be assisting Alibaba to fulfil its objectives and at the same time refurnish the business environment for every SMEs,” he narrates.

The Offerings
The shrewd experience and knowledge gained by the founder from being associated with Alibaba has equipped him with valuable insights which which he has designed the functioning and solutions of iTech Ecommerce. Consider the needs, Import Services, Web Design Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce Website, Web Hosting and others. Considering the Alibaba’s requisite the company has framed Alibaba Gold Supplier, Alibaba VAS Services and Alibaba store set up services. “Helping Alibaba execute its endeavour has been our prime motive so we have devised services keeping in mind its needs. On the other hand we have carved out solutions top-notch and technically equipped solution that best fits every small, medium and enterprise level businesses to grant downright and absolute functionality,” he states.

Itech ecommerce chiefly functions as the largest global channel partner of alibaba. Com since inception and look forward to lead this chart by adding more value to alibaba through its robust services

Tackling the Uphill Battle
The journey of the company has been a roller coaster ride the company's linkage with Alibaba did for sure facilitated its launch but at the same time imposed tremendous pressure of being true to this lineage. Convincing people, assuring them and retaining them has been some tough situations the company was entangled in its initial days. However success was inevitable for iTech Ecommerce as it was blessed to have the support of the best team and mentors including Mr Sarvesh Jaiswal, Mr Thiyagarajan, Mr Ankit Shah, Mr Prashat Pratap Singh, Mr Prabhakar, Mr Arun, Mr Brijendra Mr Jagmohan, Ms Reshma, Ms Tabassum and Ms Smriti who constitute to the core Management team of itech today "Our Connection with Alibaba has to a great extend helped us to gain the trust and confidence in the market without much effort. But we had to strive a lot to build our self in such a way that will do justice to this name that we are connected with. So we had to reach out to people and explain them about about distinctive and robust attributes of iTech Ecommerce whose DNA was derived out of the core values of Alibaba. Forming the most competent team was yet another challenge we faced and overcame over the years,” he adds.

The Forward Move
The journey of iTech Ecommerce began from four major cities including Noida, Chennai, Mumbai and Ahmedabad and today it has itself branches embedded in Ludhiana, Indore, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Moradabad. The basic end in view was to reach every pocket of the country and ameliorate its services.

It is known to be the face of Alibaba in India which has emerged to be a pioneer in the service industry. iTech Ecommerce has already expanded its Value Added Services to the Indian as well as international customers. As the charioteer of Alibaba, the company plans to remain true to its objective and work accordingly to thrive and prosper. It is all set to on board new talents who will be dedicatedly striding towards accomplishing its purpose. For the upcoming days, it has planned to set its foot in the southern region of the country by spreading awareness of how it is capable of taking their business on the global platform. In the main, the core ambition is to give assured value return to its clients who have invested their trust and money on Alibaba.

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Khalid Isar, Founder & CEO
An industry virtuoso who has spent about 16 years in the industry handling the marketing and sales department, khalid has been endeavoring to implant the roots and carry forward the legacy of alibaba in the country. Along with this, he is also intending to simplify the survival methods for the smes who aspire to make a mark in the market.