iUtkarsh Methodologies and Services: Making School Smarter

 Himanshu Dev Sharma, CEO,  Himanshu Joshi, CTO

Himanshu Dev Sharma CEO & Himanshu Joshi, CTO

Holistic setup is required for the holistic development of a child. On the fundamental ground of education, the planning requires more attention because what is being taught today will be the product for the child tomorrow. The orientation of technology with the education sector has resulted in the creation of the edtech sector which is reaching new grounds every day in terms of the planning of education for children. “First we prepared the iUtkarsh Methodology where we listed the teaching methods which starts from class layout to teaching aids based on AR & from teacher centric approach to student centric approach. A part of iUtkarsh methodology which encapsulates monthly planning, teachers’ log book, student learning record, homework, assignment, test & analytical reports for school management, is controlled & managed by iUtkarsh mobile apps. We created setups for teachers, students and also for the management. There are monthly
planners for teachers ina very constructive way that gives out a consolidated planner for every class. There is the provision for online homework and each and every report for each and every student is updated promptly. Teachers are at a position to keep a track of the understanding level of students and act according to their needs”, says Himanshu Dev Sharma, CEO, iUtkarsh Methodologies and Services.

Overcoming the Obstacles
Being at a nascent stage, iUtkarsh is still in the process of formulating a perfect product that can become the reason for the holistic educational growth of a child. Worth mentioning that education is one of the niche sectors is very hard to penetrate. This is the reason why the CEO has also launched his own preschool chain which goes by the name of Indradhanush Preschools. These schools are present in Jaipur and Gurgaon where iUtkarsh methodologies are being implemented. On its way ahead, iUtkarsh wants to get associated with schools all over the country and are already in talks with many in order to implement iUtkarsh products in the market. “We have our R&D office in Jaipur where the development of the product is taking place. By implementing our product on the Indradhanush, we are able to regulate the feedback pattern and modify the product accordingly. May 2019, we are coming out with one of our e-learning products and directly launch it to the market. Our idea is
to acquire around 40 clients (schools) within next 6 months, before settling down with funding”, says Himanshu Joshi, CTO.

The idea within
With the gradual growth of the edtech sector, the idea of giving education a whole new format has arrived. Companies all over the world are trying to put education on the plate so that it incites the inner self of the students and they are able to understand where their core competencies lie. It is only when a student fully understands his own potential; he is able to throw himself to the direction best suited for him.

The iUtkarsh Platform further moulded itself with the newest technologies of Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)and make the interface stronger,sharper and easier to understand. It is the method of Immersive Learning thatthis company wants to render. Himanshu concludes, “On the technological side, we are implementing ML and AI into our platform because for humans it is difficult to analyse huge data. A data set of 10 students will be very different from a data set of 10000 students and one will always need something to keep a track of so many students. In May, the product will be introduced to the market and we have received a good amount of positive feedback and we have come to understand that there is a need for a product like this in the market.”