IWMBuzz: Brew the Best of Insights & Entertainment

No situation or financial status is a hindrance to attain a feat like success. All that requires is passion, determination, and perseverance to grab opportunities & stand on your own legs. That's exactly what the small team of Ashish Banka, Franklin Tuscano, Siddhartha Laik, and Srividya Rajesh proved when they took the helm of IWMBuzz (IndianWikiMedia) as leaders in 2017. From a humble beginning as middle-class working individuals to the brains behind one of the leading content creation & publishing brands, the four go-getter’s road to the top of business success has been full of twists and turns.

It takes courage for any ordinary group to quit a decent job & risk into business. It was not as easy as having a second chance or experimenting, as they had nothing to rely on, in case of failure. Breaking the family mindset, societal ideologies and misconception they deep dived into entrepreneurship and proved the great start of IWMBuzz - a perfect blend of news media and advertising agency that provides brands/clients with a unique plethora of services that ensures apt buzz among consumers and fraternity.

Catering to a 360-degree gamut of services & multiple solutions under one roof, it is recognized as a digital-first content creation brand owning IMWBuzz English & IMWBuzz Hindi. Beyond this, the company is involving itself in creating different types of content, advertising, influencer marketing, and so much more. “We are on the verge of grabbing the B2B space & cover the entertainment sector. We do digital awards which will be the future of entertainment awards. TV Summits, Celebrity Party & Style awards, and several others are ideated & curated by us,” says Siddhartha Laik, Co-Founder.

The major factors describing IMWBuzz as a
key player in the internet & broadcasting market are impressive expertise of the core team, immense understanding of the segment, perfect mix of great content & technology, and portrayal of engaging events. With quality content creation and dissemination as the bedrock, IWMBuzz is unique and universal in its approach and setting of merging verticals to ensure a wide array service palette that is quickly executed with dedication & commitment.

Ashish Banka,Founder & Head of Business

As a company that believes in the fact ‘Together, we walk fast and far, leaving behind trails of success’, it has built a strong team of over 35 skilled talents. In the course of a phenomenal journey, it has partnered with brands like Forbes India, AajTak, Republic, Daily Hunt, and others. Witnessing a paramount of networking & user base it had gained over 10 million active audiences and 1 million + followers on social media.

Organically growing from nothing, it has levelled the fame with remarkable turnover of USD 1 million in the short span

Organically growing from nothing, it has leveled the fame with a remarkable turnover of USD 1 million in the short span. The bootstrapped company is immensely profitable in this ever-evolving market and it is open for investment with a thought of scaling together. Sketching futuristic growth plans, the team of IMWBuzz is continuously involved in research, inventions, and innovations to have an edge over other brands. The efforts of these common people are now visible in the form of a leading publishing & media house that is operational in 150 countries with a physical presence in Mumbai & Chennai.