Iysert Energy: A Sustainable Agenda for a Green Society

Arti Trivedi, Co-founder & Managing Director,Rakesh Biswas, Founder &Chairrman

Arti Trivedi, Co-founder & Managing Director

Rakesh Biswas, Founder &Chairrman

Global demand for ecologically friendly power and technology solutions has driven tremendous expansion in the cleantech industry in recent years. India, in particular, is seen as a more desirable destination for environmentfriendly investments, given its booming economy and appetite for clean power to secure energy consumption and reduce pollution. With billions worth of foreign direct investments, India represents a key market for clean technology.

Significantly, one of the renowned solar and wind turbine manufacturing companies in the world, laying
its expertise in innovative, portable eco-friendly Technologies is International Youth Society of Eco
Friendly and Renewable technology (IYSERT) ENERGY RESEARCH PVT LTD. An ISO 9001:2015,BIS,TUV,IEC,NISE, NSIC Certified& MNRE Approved Channel Partner Company, IYSERT manufactures portable solar technology(Customized product according to customer demand and usage), vertical axis wind turbines (Micro and solar wind application), and bio waste technology with its best-in-class manufacturing unit facility in Rajasthan. IYSERT has completed more than 500 remarkable successful projects for client like TATA, SHREE CEMENT, INDIAN RAILWAYS, INDIAN ARMY, DRDO, ISRO, DFC METRO PROJECT, Tourism Department Government of India and awarded & Recognized by many international and National organization.

• Recognized and selected India’s Top Covid 19 Project development company by COVID 19 Task Force, Government of India.

• IYSERT is one the prominent project partner for Smart City Government of India

• Recognized India's Top 10 Clean Company of India 2019-2020 by Silicon India.

• IYSERT Selected as Top 25 Fast Growing Start-up by INVENTIVEPRENEUR 2020– India’s Biggest Television Show by Ministry of Small -Scale Industries Government of India.

• IYSERT Recognized as India's Top 10 Solar Module Manufacturing By MNRE, Government of India.

• IYSERT Received " Rajasthan Green Future Tech Award 2019, By Government of Rajasthan.
• Listed Among Top 50 Fastest Growing Company by Asian Business Leadership Award CNBC ASIA 2017, Singapore.

• IYSERT Awarded as top technology of ASIA Asian Business Leadership Award 2017, International Economic Institute Malaysia'.

IYSERT specializes in the application and development of solar-powered products for residential, commercial, and industrial usages, and develops novel products such as solar street lights, on-grid/off-grid solar rooftops, solar coolers, solar fans, solar batteries, solar parking, and solar trees. The products offered by the firm are manufactured precisely in accordance with the MNRE standards & IEC 61215, IEC 61730 & UL 1730 Quality and Safety requirements. Currently, the firm is catering its products across the nation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for the development of smart cities, in Gram Panchayat, Indian Army, Indian Railways, Tourism, and more.

IYSERT is also engaged in a range of CSR initiatives through its project ParmathAvemAadhyatmik Society, for which it devotes 10-15% of its budget. The firm regularly delivers free meals to over 2000 patients at SMS Hospital and JK lone hospital in Jaipur, gives free medical care to needy patients, and provides education to underprivileged children, to include a few.

The Commencement Saga
Rakesh Biswas, a commemorated name in the greentech energy, planted the germ of IYSERT ENERGY during his undergraduate years in 2012, as an NGO developing innovative products through waste management. IYSERT successfully developed itself in India, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Italy, Greece, and Kenya under Rakesh Biswas' active leadership within a year of its founding. In 2014, Rakesh Biswas and Arti Trivedi, an ardent leader having industry expertise of 2 decades, devised a plan to take the NGO to the next level by incorporating it as a private limited company. They collaborated to develop the first solar street light in Jaipur, which was soon recognized by the Government of India. Subsequently, IYSERT ENERGY has grown to encompass ground-breaking clean tech products through large-scale sustainable green energy initiatives.

IYSERT ENERGY has grown to encompass groundbreaking clean tech products through large-scale sustainable green energy initiatives

Over the years, the firm has grown exponentially and carved a niche for itself in the market owing to its standardized innovative products. And as it forgers ahead to reaching new heights, the firm is developing novel products such as solar jackets and solar target systems for the Indian army. The solar jacket is an ingenious product that includes rechargeable modules and a lithium-ion battery, allowing soldiers to charge their satellite phones directly in combat situations. The solar target system on the other hand can be used for firing practices. Further, the firm intends to establish a state-of-the-art Research Center for Renewable Energies (IYSERT Gramin) at the Gram Panchayat level so that Gramin children can develop their skills in the research center through innovative projects, as well as care, maintain, and enlighten the solar power systems. Arti Trivedi, Co-founder & Managing Director concludes, “All in all, the underlying philosophy of our organization is to provide India with the best clean-tech solution for a sustainable future.”