Iysert: Innovating Energy and Technology

  Rakesh Biswas & Arti Trivedi,   Co-Founders
Rakesh Biswas & Arti Trivedi

A man of brilliance and great knowledge, Rakesh Biswas has made tremendous contributions in the field of science and technology. These significant additions have won him great accolades such as the Karamveer Chakra Award. One such contribution that demonstrates his sagacity is Iysert. It was established with the idea to empower the youth with sustainable green technology and to propound inbuilt solar street Lights Technology, Solar Panel, Vertical Axis wind turbine, Solar Parking & Solar Housing Projects, bio pure technology and many other such inventions.

Its initiation took place in the form of an International Youth Society of Eco Friendly and Renewable technology. Perceiving the environmental changes this group was capable of engendering, Rakesh anticipated of starting a clean tech company that offers energy solutions at affordable prices to tackle the issues in the energy sector and promote sustainable developments. “Manufacture innovative and affordable technology without causing any harm to the
environment really contentious. But through Iysert I made it possible and marching towards transforming the current unsustainable energy paradigm to a future powered by entirely renewable energy supply,” asserts Rakesh, Founder, Iysert.

“Iyset manufactures innovative and affordable technology without causing any harm to the environment really contentious”

The path of laying the founding stone of Iysert though went about smoothly but the task of winning people’s certitude was gruelling. The hitch is the illiteracy amongst people about latest technologies and its power of changing the facet of the energy sector. Such lack of knowledge does give rise to severe confusion or hesitancy between suppliers and consumers. It was fortunate for Iysert that it identified the solution to tackle this snag. It adopted communication to bridge the gap between people and the knowledge about clean tech and its merits. “Communication is the key to success was the mantra I figured out to decipher the ignorance amongst people regarding the clean tech sector and helped us make people understand the concept about solar and renewable technology,” he says.

The company is backed by great enthusiasts who aspire to be supporting pillars of the company and help it accomplish all endeavours and motifs. Including all the departments, it has a total of 50 people working for it. The team of Iysert is very keyed up to concoct advanced solutions to further fortify the extent of the
company and enhance the fettle of the environment. To which he adds, “We have a young and energetic team that works 24x7 for developing and vending distinctive products and solutions to people across the country.”

Created by such a magnificent mind and succoured by such prolific team, Iysert has brought to its name many stroke of geniuses. It has expanded extensively across PAN India, distributing its services to Indian Railways, Indian Army and PSU companies. Originated in Jaipur, it has its regional offices now in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bangalore, West Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar Island. It has also set its footprints in the land of Nigeria as well. Speaking about its revenues, at today’s age and day the company makes a turnover of more than 100 million INR. It has been awarded with International Business Leadership Award 2017, Malaysia, Asian Business Leadership Award 2017, Singapore and is listed among the top 50 Companies by CNBC.

Owing to the opportune circumstances, Iysert has set before it some palmy plans. It is developing a World Class Research Lab In Rajasthan titled “IYSERT Research Lab X “ for R&D and developing products like wireless electricity transmission , solar Paint , self-electricity generators. The strong point about these products are that they are to be contrived under the supervision of some renowned from International Agencies. This will however open new dimensions for Iysert and clean the tech industry.