J Pencil: A Name Dedicated To Helping Artisans Get Their Art Recognized

Sanjana,  CEO & Founder


CEO & Founder

Over the recent years, artists of India have faced the biggest setback, especially due to the onset of COVID19 pandemic. Artists of India were unable to get access to the right platforms, media, and services useful to showcase their art and increase business and retailers were not ready to go digital. Sanjana, CEO and Founder, J Pencil, observed the same, and took it as her vision and target to support these budding artists by providing them with services which they may not be able to gather by themselves. A woman-led company, J Pencil was established in 2021 to provide support to the small-scale industries by equipping them with marketplace websites and services to bring them into the ever-growing online world.

“Small-scale industries face a wide range of problems, including gathering customer trust, suppliers, and buyers, which in turn affect their reach and credibility. As a fourth generation member of a 90 years old family business, DAR Jewelers Pvt. Ltd., I witnessed the struggle faced by small and mid-sized industries and artists. With a drive to empower these artisans, teaching them the benefits of going digital, and providing a platform that would help them stage their products, and thus established J-Pencil”, speaks Sanjana, CEO and Founder, J Pencil.

Presenting Opportunities that Bridge the Gaps
J Pencil was created to close the gap between artisans and potential buyers by creating a perfect solution for them. J Pencil helps create an extremely useful and powerful E-Commerce website designed and catered to each retailer, and the website comes with ready stock and saleable virtual inventory provided by a wide range of suppliers and artists, which the retailer can in turn sell to their customer base. Furthermore, the artist can sell her/his artwork to a much wider range of customers through the website of other retailers on J Pencil by becoming J Pencil’s supplier.

The most crucial channel for promoting brand recognition and link building is digital media advertising. The opinions of the influencers have a significant impact on both the merchants and the shoppers in the present era, who appear to be increasingly engaged in browsing for products they like. “We also have an integrated chatbot solution on the website as well as our ecommerce app. Jewelry retailers have the option to compare the prices of products from various artists and purchase those that are affordable and to their liking. We host multiple suppliers and a wide range of products. Additionally, we also offer a virtual try-on facility, which enables clients to get a realistic idea of how a product will suit them, thereby translating into more conversions.” says Sanjana.

The firm builds a brand new and customized marketplace website for each artist and seller as a SAAS service to retailers in their (clients/ retailers) preferred domain name with a plethora of readily saleable products
from multiple suppliers/artisans. Sanjana ,strives to provide these artists and suppliers with an all-rounder solution. “We are showcasing 3,00,000+ products virtually to retailers as of now & growing. It doesn’t stop at just products and a website, but we also provide logistic solutions to the artists to help transport the products. Furthermore, we have a top-notch marketing team who work with each retailer to help them market their products and company through social media and Digital Media, a platform that many remote artists and sellers struggle with in the route to brand development. Our team comes up with the most interesting ideas on a daily basis, and we strive to increase the quality as well as the number of services to close more and more gaps.”

She further adds, “We have an accomplished 30-member team diversified in technology, Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Media Marketing & CRM. Each department within the firm utilizes state of the art technology in their verticals to provide a state of the art technological edge to customers. J Pencil is making our team the Strongest in Technology and has provided the team members with opportunities, developing each member into a certified professional with more than 50 international technical certifications.” The firm provides complete technological services to their clients that would enable them to experience a greater influx of potential customers. Instead of creating systems on the basis of “one size fits all”, the firm provides targeted and tailored solutions for each artisan to help maximize their earning potential.

Our team comes up with the most interesting ideas on the daily basis and we strive to increase the quality as well as the number of services to close more and more gaps

Sanjana’s desire to change the way society treats working women, particularly entrepreneurs act as the motivation behind her endeavors. While government agencies are providing ample opportunities and lucrative schemes for women in the start-up ecosystem, there is a need for women, and their families to look at entrepreneurship more favorably. Through her startup, J Pencil, Sanjana aspires to inspire a generation of young women and revamp the landscape of the Indian entrepreneurship scenario.

It is only through the dedicated efforts of the entire J Pencil team that J Pencil has been recognized widely and has bagged various accolades, including the Tamil Nadu Startup State Level Innovation Award, presented by the Government of the State of Tamil Nadu. To provide J Pencil with the right mentorship, J Pencil is selected to be incubated through FICCI FLO, and through T- HUB, thereby reaching growth at a national level. Additionally, the firm has, in a short span of 8 months since its inception, grown to onboard over 120 clients and over 130 retailers as customers. The firm’s growth has been phenomenal and consistently is on an upward trajectory.

The Path Ahead
You can write your own future with J Pencil, as the name implies. The firm takes pride in being the team that assists artisans in determining their own fate. The company aspires to be the go-to name that artisans think of when seeking help in launching their own enterprises and experiencing more prosperity in their personal and professional lives. To expand the reach of services, the firm is also working to expand its clientele across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, & the rest of India in the foreseeable future. “With a vision to expand our Product Line to Garments, Electronics and virtually any commercial product in the future, we are presently and successfully working with gold, silver, and handicraft products. J Pencil Strives to be the platform of business to every artist, retailer and supplier across the country. Our vision is to empower artisans, connect Entrepreneurs and redefine retail”, signs off Sanjna.