Jaywant Green Bliss Corporation: Promoting Healthier Lifestyle with Sustainable Farming

Murtaza Poonawala,  FounderThe market for hydroponic produce is growing at a staggering rate because of its many benefits over traditional farming methods. The hydroponic crop market was valued at $37.7 billion in 2022 and is estimated to reach $53.4 billion in 2027, recording a 7.2 percent CAGR. With the increasing need for a healthy lifestyle and awareness on the side effects of eating food sprayed with harmful chemicals, people are looking for the right alternatives, and Jaywant Green Bliss Corporation is here to address these issues.

Headquartered in Pune, JGBC grows healthy and delicious English Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs using hydroponics farming. Their sustainable farming practices ensure that crops are grown using minimal resources and no pesticides. Their healthy lifestyle philosophy guarantees their customers the best quality and hygienic produce possible. The firm intends to shape people's understanding of nutritious food. The firm wants people to experience new and unique produce and get a WOW experience from their salads. "JGBC propagates use of many more salad products that not only add a unique texture and taste to your salads, sandwiches, burgers and any dish but are best fortified to provide a balanced diet and necessary fiber and vitamins to your daily meal."Fast food and junk food that children
love to eat these days provides little nutrition. And because the veggies used in this food are cheap and have a bland taste, many fast food chains add such ingredients to make their mayonnaise, sauces, and chicken more prominent", shares Murtaza Poonawala, Founder, Jaywant Green Bliss Corporation.

Our motto is that we are big enough to deliver and small enough to listen to our valued customers

JGBC emphasizes on the quality and range of its produce, but the cherry on the cake is the commitment to its customers and the quality of service they provide.

JGBC's USP is having an indepth understanding of how plants grow in different environments and determining the best way to grow them. Various parameters like moisture, nutrients, sunlight and pH of the water need to be controlled for a plant to thrive. As the environment is consistent, a Lollo Bionda lettuce bouquet will look and taste the same as the next and will drastically reduce wastage due to damaged or spoilt leaves and any pesticide residue. Their technology focuses on finding the right formula of nutrition for a given plant to grow well and continuous recycling of water combined with water harvesting techniques to protect the environment at the same time.

The firm started with a single farm in Pune with only one type of leafy green. However, very soon, with some careful experimentation and constant demand, the list of products grew to about 20 in the first year itself, and by the second year, the firm had 90+ products available. Along with the hotel industry, the firm also began to supply its products to local shops and supermarkets. In addition the confidence in its products encouraged the firm to enter the B2C format of packed salads in pursuit of brand recognition. Today the farm spreads over five acres with 2.5 lakh sqft of polyhouse that produces an entire range of products such as leafy greens exotic vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants, edible flowers, and herbs.

Currently, JGBC is catering to many prestigious five and seven-star hotels across Mumbai and Pune and wants to incorporate other leading hotels into their clientele. Furthermore, the firm is targeting its expansion in Goa, Gujarat, and Bangalore. The firm is in talks to set up farms close to its source to eliminate the transportation and provide its consumers with the freshest harvest right from the farm to the plate. The firm also hopes to go international in the years to come.