JD Softtech

Ronik Patel,FounderThe key to success of any business is an organized and efficient approach - believes team JD Softtech. A web design and development agency that specializes in creating innovative websites, custom web applications and successful e-commerce solutions, JD Softtech has a unique approach that combines extraordinary talent with streamlined management to increase their client’s ROI. The company takes immense pride in the fact that they excel at developing responsive websites on most powerful and popular platforms, such as WordPress, PHP and Magento. “Our team of seventeen enthusiastic coders, strategists and marketers have delivered over 150 beautiful web experiences to more than 100 individual clients since 2012. Not even the most experienced individual freelancer can beat the combined knowledge of 17 world-class experts under highly organized management,” avers Ronik Patel, Founder and Owner - JD Softtech.

Technology and business had always been a passion for Ronik. Living up to that passion, soon after his masters in Entrepreneurship from Babson College, he went to India to do a start up with his high school friend.
It was 2012 when Ronik and his friend incepted JD Softtech with one designer and one developer. Today JD Softtech is a team of 17 and growing. “My initial reasoning behind JD Softtech was that if I own and operate a web development firm, I can develop my own web app SaaS product on the side. However, it took first two years to become stable as a business and to gain the industry expertise before we can focus into developing any in house web application. After gaining five years of expertise, this July we are launching one web app named Hisably for small retail stores accounting on cloud. We are also managing a WPSchoolPress, a wordpress based school management plugin. So, “it has been a long journey and yet many good years to come,” he states.

Array of Services with Distinct Applications

In the beginning, almost all JD Softtech’s projects were small in size, but the team did not hesitate in order to build expertise, experience, team, know how, portfolio and most importantly project management skills. In 2017, the company has acquired expertise in so many free and open source platforms such as WordPress which made it effortless to create website, even an eCommerce website. Presently, along with offering eCommerce website development services, JD Softtech has also developed custom web applications such as medical institute management system, library management system, billing software, inventory management software and other custom applications for businesses. Pinpointing its unique applications like Quickzie - in house application that can be freely
accessible , the company is in the verge of developing new products such as Hisably for web accounting to convenience stores & WPSchoolPress plugin in order to help Indian schools get digitized. Fostered by the goal to ‘Build web projects that offers beautiful experiences’ JD Softtech strengthens to develop a long-lasting relationships with the clients by turning web development into a transparent process.

Leveraging the process of building a web app, JD Softtech strives to initiate its US based project manager model across the country

Headquartered in the US with an office in Ahmedabad, JD Softtech is one of the most trusted and appreciated web design agencies. Leveraging the process of building a web app, the company strives to initiate its US based model across the country. Being a bootstrapped company it believes that the management process is very important for any agency to render its services in an effective manner. Focusing on the custom web applications, Ronik concludes, “We have recently launched a cloud based portal for a medical Institute in Norway and also an online recharge platform for Talco, a Nigerian based company. We want to continue with web development applications & promote in house products and we encourage companies/ agencies to partner with us.”