Jetuka: Carrying the Legacy of Cultural Boon that has been in Practice in our Society for Ages

Gopa Bezboruah, Proprietor

Gopa Bezboruah


India is a country with diversified cultures that coexist in harmony. The cultures that each community possesses are a reflection of traditions and heritage passed from generation to generation.The handloom and handi crafts sectors embody the traditional wisdom, cultural wealth, and secular ethos of India and make a valuable contribution to our economy. Significantly, the North-Eastern region of India has always boasted of a rich cultural heritage of art/craft and one key firm wishing to take this legacy forward by not only making the exclusive collection of handicrafts available to every nook and corner of India but also give due recognition to the local artisans and their craftsmanship is Jetuka. For local artisans who have a limited number of consumers & exposure, marketing their products on an online platform like Jetuka gives them a large exposure which eventually results in more sales & income for them.

Gopa Bezboruah, Proprietor of Jetuka adds “Prior to the incorporation of Jetuka, I used to often visit trade fairs in Mumbai and there used to be stalls from every state except North East regions. Also, whenever I visited Assam all my friends and colleagues used to ask me to get any handmade items as there was no reliable website for handloom or handicraft items for them to buy from. Thus, one of the key motives of the establishment

of Jetuka was to give recognition and acknowledgement to the handloom and handicrafts products in the larger platform across the nation. For me, this company is my first baby and I take care of each thing as any mother would do for their child”.

Jetuka is not just about selling handicraft items through the online platform, instead, it lays its emphasis on using less of any materials or resources which are not sustainable and leaves less carbon foot print. It is the right amalgamation of contemporary and traditional designs that make its products stand out. Having said that, the organization also ensures that the end products are ecofriendly, biodegradable and their use does not cause any kind of harm to the environment.

Jetuka is the perfect platform for individuals who are looking for sustainable, naturally sourced, and locally made North Eastern handicraft products that are classic with the right blend of contemporary touch

Currently, Jetuka is offering Water Hyacinth Tray, Table mats, Bamboo Trays, Bamboo Glass, and Natural Loofah that are sourced from local artisans from the remote regions of Assam and supplied across the nation. Its keen eye for detail assures the buyers to get the finest quality products at the best price and on timely delivery at their doorstep. The products are sourced from Bamboo and Water Hyacinth which are made by the local artisans of North East India. Water Hyacinth is a free floating aquatic weed, found in abundance locally and can be seen covering extensive areas on ponds and other water surfaces. On the other hand, Bamboo, which is a grass and yet another sustainable resource that the North East region is rich in, has the potential to replace wood in the near future. Besides having commercial importance, bamboo is an integral part of the cultural and social lives of the people of the region.

Through its sustainable product range, Jetuka is aiding to secure the livelihoods of local artisans, especially rural women, and creating a sense of empowerment for them. Currently, Jetuka is focusing on limited products as it doesn't want to lose focus by building a large number of product portfolios. With limited products the firm can ensure its vendors are not put under pressure, the customers are also given total attention and so are the products. And as it progresses ahead, in the future it is looking to include more vendors and different kinds of products.