Jholmaal: Adding Human Touch to Gifting Experience

Pranil Shah,FounderE-commerce sales in India have grown at a rate of 25% in the first quarter of 2021. To tap into the po¬tential, E-commerce startups have come up with innovative ideas to add value to consumer service and play a great role in this growth. Gifting is an ever growing industry that is witnessing a demand for a more customized experience. Customer preference has grown to be influenced by pop culture shows, movies and social media trends. Moreover, customers are also looking for ways to stand out in their expression of love when it comes to gifting. But such product customization is often not found in conventional stores. Also, given the current pandemic situation when there is minimal face-to-face conversation, customers look for creativity and human-touch in the gifts they present.

Jholmaal is an India-based startup that enables its customers to add a human touch to their gifting experience. The products at Jholmaal are carefully crafted and are unique as gifts for “him, her or they”. Creation and customization is at the core of their product base. “Jholmaal is a quirky gifting plat¬form striving to add a unique & crazy touch to the millennial gifting experience,” Pranil Shah, the company founder says. He goes on to add, “Our products are attractive, creative and humane.” The company is also doing its bit to promote local businesses and home-grown brands while ensuring that their quality matches the requirement.
The company is also doing its bit to promote local businesses and home-grown brands while ensuring that their quality matches the requirement. Jholmaal’s offering is effective for both the premium and affordable group of customers.

The Journey so Far
Jholmaal was launched in the year 2018 realizing the gap in the gifting industry for something unique yet affordable. In words of the company founder, “We are primarily catering to both - the young Gen Z millennials who are deeply invested in new age trends & also the 90s souls with their roots liking the classics. Our customers are those who want to be a little different, but don’t quite exactly know what they want.” Hence, in order to suf¬fice the need of this large consumer base, Jholmaal curates products from all over the globe. They have a well-researched product base arranged systematically so that customers get the smoothest purchasing experience.

We give the customers what they want, when they don't know.

Jholmaal’s QC team remains engaged in testing the products during the procurement to look for defects, damages, scratches and quality. The products undergo a second round of test before dispatch. In very rare case, if a customer receives damaged product, the company offers a 10-days return policy. This has added to the company’s trustworthiness among the consumers. To address the urgent requests of customers, Jholmaal strives effectively to ship all its orders within 24 hours.

Looking at the Future
Jholmaal ensures that there is quirk in their products to suffice the desire for uniqueness when the customers look for gifting. The team makes effort by providing product recommendations, share real-time pictures of the products and provisions of adding notes to the gifts to retain the promised ‘human-touch’. This approach of Jholmaal has brought it a long way starting with 5 products and after two years the company today offers over 800 products. The supply chain of the company is spread over entire India and appeals to customers from almost all urban and rural crowds.

Pranil Shah believes, Jholmaal has always strived to make a difference and its philosophy supports focusing on 4 Cs”- Content, Curation, Customer service & Customization. He says, “Customer experi¬ence that is easy & stress-free & a customized gifting experience - all while maintaining that ‘quirk’ factor.”