Jivika Ayursciences: Pledged In The Quest Of Revolutionizing The Ayurvedic Industry

L Mani Varghese, Founder & CEO,Dr. De Wilson, Director & Formulator

L Mani Varghese, Founder & CEO

Dr. De Wilson, Director & Formulator

In recent years, as a holistic healing system, Ayurveda has witnessed an evolution in the form of ayurvedic products and services. The expansion of the Ayurveda industry in India is primarily contributed by the rising awareness of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, a preference for chemical-free natural products.

Moreover, the recent technological advancements in the healthcare sector, catalyzed by economic growth and rising incomes, per capita spending on healthcare products has expanded dramatically in recent years, positively impacting the ayurvedic product market. A relatively new entrant in the Indian Ayurveda Industry, dedicated to propagating the science of ancient Ayurveda and making it an integral part of daily lives is JivikaAyursciences.

Jivka is integrating 5000-year-old ancient science with modern research to formulate a cure rather than just managing many ailments using tried and tested herbs. The firm has a proficient team of highly qualified doctors who conduct research and formulate the medications. Herbs are sourced from organic farms, and manufacturing takes place in GMPcertified facilities under strict quality control.

“Our mission is to make the Ayurveda products available in every country across the globe so that people no longer have to rely on chemicals to be cured. We want people to be healthy and free of disease using herbs that Mother Nature has given us,"

emphasizes L Mani Varghese, Founder & CEO at JivikaAyursciences. Jivika offers a remarkable range of curative medicines, including ASMANO, which aids people suffering from severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Bronco constriction, wheezing, dysphonia, sinusitis, cough, bronchitis, and chest tightness. Also, it aids post-Covid patients in stabilizing their oxygen saturation levels and improving lung capacity.

Jivika’s medicines also include LIVCARE - an effective Liver Tonic & Curative, STONERID - treatment Of Kidney Stones, PILESCARE which helps to shrink Pile – Masses, ENRZI - an advanced strength & stamina booster, REDUSE – an advanced weight loss formulation, BUOY advanced men’s formula, HAIRIN hair blackening & regrowth, GLOWRITE – a skin whitening & brightening formulation, GYNECARE - treatment for all gynaecological disorders, ATHIRID powerful rubefacient & counter-irritant, PURIFAIR natural blood purifier, BEEPEECARE for low blood pressure, CALMERIN for high blood pressure, CHOLESTOCARE remedy for cholesterol treatment, COLDRID - anti-cold herbal tablet, COUGHRID - manages all kinds of coughs, FEVERID - anti-fever herbal remedy, GASORID - digestive & carminative, ANTIACID - very dependable antacid, amongst others.

As JivikaAyursciences forges ahead, it intends to start a world-class production unit in Telangana. It is aiming to expand production capacity to cater to the global market by commissioning a state-of-the-art factory in Telangana to produce industry-leading Ayurveda medicines and supplements by July 2022 with an investment of Rs. 120 crores, which includes Ayurveda medicine, herbal supplement, and herbal extracts production. Jivika will also have an organic herb farm in the same state where the facility will be located.

Jivika is on the verge of launching 30 Ayurvedic medications, which will be available online at www. beginning June 2022. The company is in the process of recruiting distributors across India, ensuring products availability across the country.

Jivika is also entering the international market by appointing distributors in the United States, Canada, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Gulf Cooperation Council, followed by the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Latin America in the second phase, and the Far East and Oceania in the third.

Jivika aims to reach substantial volume in local sales and international sales in its first year of operation and to double that figure in two years. “Jvika's vision is of a world devoid of disease and ailments, and is dedicated to propagating the science of ancient Ayurveda and making it an integral part of daily lives,” concludes Romi Dhawan, Director.