Jobsdaddy Sarvaadih Ventures: Committed to Connecting Great Companies with Great Employees

Shabnam Jaswal,  FounderThe recruitment market in India is rapidly expanding, and as the industry matures and becomes more competitive, conventional hiring techniques, such as referrals, are being replaced by modern HR practices. The industry is becoming increasingly organized, with companies engaged in recruitment, temporary staffing, and executive search. One such company that offers end-to-end services to its customers is Jobsdaddy.

Sarvaadih Ventures launched Jobsdaddy a year ago as an initiative to assist clients with their resource supply issues. All the recruiters have 9+ years of corporate recruitment experience, so they understand the dynamics of internal issues and work accordingly. Jobsdaddy provides Recruitment services like Permanent hiring, RPO, Interview as a service, and part time outsourcing, and is currently more focused on permanent hiring solutions. With 17 years of corporate HR and Recruitment experience in the IT industry, Shabnam Jaswal, founder of Jobsdaddy, visualizes taking the company on a higher

pedestrian having its technology platform for helping clients and other recruitment startup firms.

Providing End-to-End Service to their Customers
Clients always expect prompt service, high quality, and responsiveness. Jobdsdaddy excels in all three categories the team is well connected to clients and candidates, and conducts necessary regular follow-ups. The company also establishes longterm relationships with candidates as they can return to them whenever needed to resolve the issues, aiding the company in developing its referral database. Jobsdaddy offers services across all domains, majorly IT, Internet, Datacenter and ITES industry however, it also caters to other industries like Automobiles, Paints, and Online Gaming.

Jobsdaddy is also well-known for its customers' comprehensive services, from obtaining the JDs, having discussions about them, researching the skills and target companies, to sourcing, screening, and evaluating the profiles. After thoroughly reviewing the details and matching the requirements, the CVs are shared with the clients. Their unique selling point has always been the high quality of their resumes, which saves clients time and effort. They also assist in the entire recruitment process, from start to finish, and follow-ups until the candidate joins.

Jobsdaddy is only one year old, already has 15 successful clients, and has been putting in much effort to expand its team. Jobsdaddy believes that for a recruitment firm to work for any client and be successful, the company must work closely with its partners. Recruiters must be responsive and willing to share feedback as the relationship is always mutually beneficial.

Jobsdaddy's primary goal at the moment is to scale up in terms of resources, work, and stability to a self-sustaining level. Being a new firm in the market, the company plans to cross a revenue mark that gives it a window to qualify for bigger firms.They intend to tap most of the data center and IT industries and expand into contract staffing and US recruiting in the future. Sarvaadih Ventures also plans to create a product that will benefit all recruitment firms, particularly those new to the market.