K-12 Aspire: Creating a World Beyond STEM

Gurpreet Singh, Co-Founder, Sunil Mohal, Co-Founder &,Deepak Sharma, Co-Founder
Gurpreet Singh, Sunil Mohal & Deepak Sharma
In the era of 21st century, the education system is believed to be laid on the founding stones for an industrialized age of standardization. With the world being at a turning point amidst the digital and the conceptual age, the connected sphere is on a constant need to innovate. Unfortunately, the K-12 system lags behind in preparing the students to grow in the fast-changing landscape. The acquisition and application of relevant skills and knowledge count to be the most essential components for success. However, the term ‘relevant’ is often found to be ambiguous and distorted by the highly dynamic demands of the workplace, making it challenging for secondary school graduates to anticipate and adapt.

These challenges and opportunities are only going to grow over time. Thus creating a significant impact on the education, skill gaps, job creation and more. Till some time ago, the term STEM, an acronym referring to the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics which possessed immense gravity no longer holds the element of benefit for younger evolving minds. Today education is beyond it. It seeks for immersive learning experiences enabling an overall personality development of a student. As digitization is bound to expand horizons, the need to make future generation ready has emerged as one of the most important areas of focus for the educators and edupreneurs demanding a blended-learning K-12 environment imbibed with creativity, real-world problem-solving skills and beyond it.

Noida based K-12 Aspire is one amongst them, a game changer led by a positive and forward-thinking approach. The platform clearly understands that to build the leaders of tomorrow recognition of quantitative skills is a must. Despite the fact, the students should be confident enough to make decisions not just based on what they think or feel rather on a scientific reason for an informed decision-making outlook.

The Genesis
The inception story of K-12 is nothing short of a revolution. It was a long-pursued dream of Sunil Mohal, an alumnus of IHM Pusa with over 30+ years of training experience across industry verticals along with his co-founders Gurpreet Singh and Deepak Sharma, technologists and engaged in the education technology services area. In fact, the journey of K-12 Aspire is a pure outcome of perseverance, dedication, and grit. What started off as an ambition way back in 1986by Sunil to set up computerized education facilities at schools, with the passage of time turned Sunil to be an entrepreneur and vested the zeal in him to work till the goal was achieved. To make this true, he joined Informatics Computer Systems (ICS) one of the country’s early providers in computer education. Going ahead, he was associated with some of the prominent schools across the length and breadth of the nation such as Modern School, Mayo College Ajmer, Sherwood College, Rajkumar College Rajkot, PSBB – Chennai and more and have worked with some of the renowned educationists to conduct workshops, seminars and more. Speaking on the journey, Sunil Mohal, Co-Founder, K-12 Aspire says, “Organising programming competitions in BASIC and PASCAL were of great fun. But my actual introduction to eLearning came when I interacted with Br Parton of St.Columba’s, Delhi who was eager to have Computer Based Training (CBT’s) in order to help the young children be it in Mathematics or Basic English. This landmark incident sowed in me that the computer was a great tool in education. And, enduring this belief over the years, the actual germ of the idea took place in June 2017 when we did market surveys to comprehend the hurdles of the student community. To mitigate the challenges and intricacies we came up with K-12 Aspire – a platform not only for basic learning but imparting skills to produce the leaders of tomorrow.”

Three Steps for Better Learning Experiences
K-12 Aspire embraces the major disruptions taking place in the educational field right from the shift from pen-paper to computerized assessments to online conducted exams be it for school, college, and even at professional level. Captivating the changing dynamics, the platform has taken three keen steps to meet the necessities. First, the Communication skill that serves one to face the global world, second, the essence focused on Mental Ability and Logical Reasoning Capabilities and third denoting the Online Assessments.

Sunil avers, “It’s not just about learning but enriching the skills. From a linear model to advanced learning methodologies and the digital efficacy whooping up, the entire spectrum has proffered the teachers and students unlimited opportunities to teach & preach and improve the insights through involvement and participation.”

On the constant move to catch hold the best of opportunities, K-12 Aspire envisions to achieve milestones in carefully calibrated steps. Entitled to render the students a precise purpose of learning, autonomy, and association with co-creating their preferences based on the analysis of test results coupled with practice, the company desires to implement pro-active methodologies to scientifically address their knowledge gaps.

" Entitled to render students a precise purpose of their learning, autonomy, and association with co-creating their learning preferences based on the analysis of test results coupled with practice, K-12 Aspire desires to implement pro-active methodologies to scientifically address their knowledge gaps"

The Two-in-One approach facilitated by the platform prepares them for boards as well as for different competitive exams. Mentioning on this, he adds, “We make sure that the students endure a strong base with in-depth knowledge of the concepts. Also, our exceptional training empowers them to perform fairly along with enabling to answer the tricky and most complex multiple-choice questions with accuracy.”

The array of teaching methodologies comprises of English Communication, Technology-Aided Learning, Adaptive Assessment, Small Classes, Trained Teachers, Mental Ability & Logical Reasoning and more. Additionally, the courses consist of Foundation Courses for Classes 9 & 10, One Year integrated courses for IIT-JEE entrances, One Year Integrated Medical Course for Medical NEET and more.

Technology. Right Guidance. Learning Resources - The Forte
Pinpointing that though technology is a great tool but cannot be replaced wholly by the human element, K-12 prefers interactive open styles of learning combined with educational support tools like audio-video based content to make learning interesting and saves time. It also trains the teachers to use the technology as a support tool, aid them with communication skills. “Our styles of teaching are based on ‘Grasha Teaching Styles’. Leveraging them on how to make their appropriate use we also equip our sales and counsellors to counsel, not sell,” says Mohal.

Institutionalized as an educational organization with a strong technology background that offers flexible, multi-platform and state-of-the-art scientifically designed learning; K-12s pre-built teaching module with extensive User Interface (UI) features easy-to-view reports, crisp dashboards, security, and others. “The core of our online offerings is the detailed reporting imbibed with technology, a great tool for monitoring and quality control,” mentions Sunil.

K-12 perceives that right guidance and outstanding learning resources are the fundamental parts of any learning place strives to aggregate varied elements of career counselling and options, communication improvement and confidence building. Their customized ‘Scholastic Management System’, an internally developed system leverages an accurate and a complete set of guidelines for teachers in respect to identify the right resources, training, and back them with tools – attuned with flexibility features and multi-platform learning structure.

Driven by the first principle to make 'online assessments' the second nature for students,it has achieved results through creating question
banks and linking them to chapter wise progress of students. He recites, “At K-12 Aspire we follow the CBSE curriculum. Moreover, we don’t look at Mathematics as a single entity but as an education stream consisting of Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus and award scores based on detailed reports and not performance.”

"Cherishing the accomplishment of the prioritized goal which was to initiative five centers by March 2018, K-12 Aspire fosters to set up 40+ centers by end of the fiscal year 2018-19"

The Success Saga
A think-tank of eight enthusiastic educationists and technologists K-12 has marked its solid presence in a very short of time and has been instrumental in developing learning solutions that complement and improvises the traditional classroom environments. With the joint efforts of the Co-Founders, Gurpreet Singh and Deepak Sharma, two eminent tech-specialists the company was able to win its first partner in Chennai followed by more partners around Delhi.. Its centers offer intense and excellent services either on a complete or partial package mechanism. Cherishing the accomplishment of the prioritized goal which was to initiative five centers by March 2018, K-12 Aspire fosters to set up 30+ centers by end of the fiscal year 2018-19.

Emphasizing on the interesting journey ahead, optimistic Mohal concludes,“Though our cornerstone will be the continual improvement of the offerings, we have aggressive plans for growth along with boosting support for content and IT products. Thus, creating an appropriate hub for learners to communicate, collaborate and engage with showcasing a world-class learning experience.”

Sunil Mohal, Co-Founder:
An alumnus of the Prestigious Hotel Management Institute at Pusa, and a certified ITIL Expert from APMG UK, Sunil brings in a focus on systems, processes and customer service. Since the 1980s he has been instrumental with the launch of the Computer Education programs across schools. He has been involved with eLearning content development and solutions for over 20 years.

Gurpreet Singh, Co-Founder
He brings with him over two decades of experience working with Telecom and hospitality. He has played a commensurate role in growth of various startup and enterprise businesses across diverse verticals like Hospitality, Telecom and eLearning.

His solution-centric approach to deliver successful web and mobile solutions to achieve best ROI, with his keen sense of business strategy and experience, he provides a rare mix of technology and business strategy concepts.

Gurpreet is also a Co-Founder of Blue Apple Technologies and founding partner in a successful startup Hotelogix (SaaS based Hotel Management System).

Deepak Sharma, Co-Founder
Deepak comes to you with an impressive background in software engineering and supports many of .net development initiatives in enterprise eLearning, hospitality, and telecommunications.

With over 22 years of experience in developing cloud based solutions, Deepak has worked with leading brands. Deepak also possesses extensive experience in Operations and has been responsible for setting up large scale solutions for the enterprise as well as for the SaaS Industry.

He is also a Co-Founder of Blue Apple Technologies and founding partner and has been instrumental in successful development of Hotelogix, a SaaS based platform for the hospitality Industry that is successfully running in over 120 countries for over 10 years.

Key Distinctive Features:
.Customized Scholastic Management System
. Flexible, Multi-Platform and State-of-the-Art Scientifically Designed Learning Platform
. Extensive User Interface with exceptional easy-to-view reports, crisp dashboards, security and others.
. Two-in-One Approach
. Grasha Teaching Style – An Interactive Open Style of Learning