KadalUnavu: Supreme Sea Foods, Poultry and Lamb on a Click




Fresh sea food might be the first delightful experience when someone goes to Tamil Nadu. It is the freshness and purity in the product that shines in the morning sun, by the side of the sea, in the fish market. KadalUnavu is an on-demand fresh fish delivery platform that maintains the freshness of seafood with utmost care and perfection. “I live in a locality which is a sea shore and this place is always known for its Fresh Sea Catch. A lot of my friends asked me to get them some fish or other sea foods during holidays and occasions because of the quality of the fish. I did this Errand usually to help a lot of my friends and then this turned on to be the inception of KadalUnavu which by being in the locality helped us to source some fresh catch all the time, every time and ship it to the customers”, says Antony Manoj, CEO, KadalUnavu.
Ondemand delivery of fresh fish and sea food works best with the complete trust of consumers. Chennai being a city by the sea has abundance of fresh sea food if someone wants to buy from the market. Conquering this competition, KadalUnavu has implemented a business model that helps consumers understand the quality of the food. Antony says, “We operate purely on a Zero Inventory model. We have a portal and an application which helps customers order fresh fish, meat or poultry and based on the orders we deliver so this helps us to serve the freshest of all.”

"KadalUnavu started with a very humble setting with a small setup 2.5 years ago and has been able to scale up operations by considerable extent"

Growth Encountered
The company started with a very humble setting with a small setup 2.5 years ago and has been able to scale up operations by considerable extent. It makes 30-50 deliveries within the city on a daily basis. The milestone that it is constantly trying to achieve is retaining the current customers and grown the count in an organic way. “In this competitive field where we compete with few 100’s of 1000’s of vendors it has been a
really great journey”, speaks Antony.

KadalUnavu has successfully grown a loyal customer base which sticks to it primarily because of two reasons. Firstly, the locked freshness and health that the platforms promises and keeps up to it and secondly, it is in a lot of ways more economic and cost effective compared to other on-demand service providers in Chennai.

Success that Matters
As a company KadalUnavu has broke even and growing on the positive side of the graph. It is currently upgrading the business model to bring few Brick and Mortar setups by franchising which is expected to be done by June and it is already on the process. The company has plans of expanding to the other Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities once it has 5 outlets in Chennai. Expressing the good will of the company, Antony concludes, “Today I don’t see a much of a different being in urban or in rural areas because the technology is ridiculously bridging the gap. We are pretty well positioned with this change which is constant and trying to meet up the updates.”