Kala Form: Collaborating with Artisans to Bring Indian Art, Craft & Design into Public & Private Spaces

Pramod Priya Ranjan, Founder & Product and Strategy Designer

Pramod Priya Ranjan

Founder & Product and Strategy Designer

In Jharkhand, there are a lot of small local groups that practice their indigenous local art or craft form like Khovar Sohrai Tribal Art, Dokra Craft, Terracotta, and more. Currently, the state is developing its infrastructure and public space, creating the perfect storm of opportunity for the display of these forms. Unfortunately, due to the lack of management and lack of coordination within varied art and craft groups, most of the project orders from the government and private sector goes to other state agencies, making the authentic local artcraft and artisans under developed and unseen. While Pramod Priya Ranjan, Founder & Product and Strategy Designer, Kala Form was studying his product design course at MIT Institute of Design(Pune), he researched local art forms during his vacations for a couple of courses. Sensing the alluring opportunities, he wanted to create a studio platform where the local artisan groups can be connected, and their skills and creativity can be promoted to various potential clients like government, builders, architects, and interior designers and get project orders. Therefore, during his fourth year, he connected with multiple tribal trust and senior artists and launched ‘Kala Form’ a B2C business model with an investment of Rs.35,000/ where he sold Khovar Sohrai Tribal paintings, Dokra products, and more.

Soon, Pramod realized that he has to grow faster, do an impact and saleable work, therefore, he moved to B2G and B2B business models. He redesigned it and connected with numerous potential clients and got his first B2B order for making Murals, which was installed at Jharkhand’s Forensic Labs. By delivering quality work, he attracted a good customer base and started getting orders through word-of-mouth publicity. Within five months, he got the first B2G order from NTPC, and within a year, the company crossed the turn over of INR 20 lakhs. “We work in an agile mode, and the methodologies are of the double diamond process. Whenever an order comes it is passed on to a potential group of artisans, and they create the art craft requirement either at their place or at the studio on a fulltime/part time on order basis, and we guide them too as per industry standard. For each project depending upon the requirement, we connect and create a unique group of artisans to deliver the best outcome,” affirms Pramod.

Kala Form has been recognized by Nasscom’s Design4India for the initiative and also received a letter of appreciation from NCC in 2019

Kala Form was established in 2018 to create collaboration between a disorganized group of artisans and stabilize itself as a centralized body with full transparency of people and work, and leading to create trust. The company’s unmatched services include Glass Mosaic Mural Architecture & Landscape Model, Relief, Statue & Sculpture, Contemporary & Folk Painting, Lifestyle Product Design, and Cultural Workshop. Its diverse portfolio help artisans to utilize the platform, studio, and credibility. It provides them with all the materials, tools machinery, accommodation, food and transportation so that they focus completely on creating great quality work and enjoys every part of it. Due to professionalism and quality work, the 1.5-year old company has been successful in creating the impact that the artisans, as well as private and government departments. It has been recognized by Nasscom’s Design4India for the initiative and also received a letter of appreciation from NCC in 2019.

“Currently, we are focusing on clients, project growth, expanding, and modifying our studio and network and making it an artist co-working space. In the first year, we got orders only in Jharkhand, but from the second year of business, we started getting enquiries from other states and union territories, like Delhi, Orissa, Bihar, and more. Hence, expansion in other states and collaboration with the local artisans is on the card,” he says.