Kalpa Power: Harnessing the Power of Sun

Rounak Muthiyan,FounderThe past few years have seen a tremendous growth in the solar energy sector. according to a recent analysis by bloomberg new energy finance, india’s renewable energy opportunity is estimated to reach $600 billion by 2040. as india takes a lead in the global renewable energy sector with solar power being at the centre of its renewable policy framework and government of india introduces new policies and enabling more concessions for the new renewable energy projects, there has been a rise in the interest of big and small players of the industry as well as startups. the ever increasing prices and decreasing stocks of fossil fuels assure that banking on solar energy is not just the right decision to fuel the country’s growing economy but it is also a great move to attract private investments. Seeking opportunities amid India’s growing solar investments is Pune headquartered, Kalpa Power.

Guiding through Solar Migration
Set up with a vision of - 'Making power more reliable, affordable and environment friendly', Kalpa

Having crossed a total business of 1.5 crores in 2015, 21 crore in 2016, Kalpa Power is already positive about crossing 30-35 crores this year

Power is keeping up with its inception objective by offering products such as Solar Grid - tied systems and solar off - grid systems. solar grid - tied systems have been primarily built to assist in generating power for self consumption while staying on the public power grid. this system effectively generates energy from a solar PV array (Panels) and syncs this power to the utility grid. Solar Grid - Tied Systems are best suited for industrial and commercial establishments having peak consumption in daytime. Solar Off - Grid Systems on the other hand tend to generate green power from a Solar PV array (Panels) and stores it in the energy systems for later use. It is not connected to the public power grid and is apt for residential establishments having peak consumption in the night. With the ability to provide best in class solar rooftop designs, Kalpa aims at not just developing simple solutions but it also delivers economical and effective solutions in the field of solar power.

Spearheaded by Rounak Muthiyan, a seasoned industry visionary, Kalpa Power emphasizes on the design and
execution challenges that come around with the execution of any solar power generation systems. Throwing light on one of the clients stories, Rounak says, “At Kalpa, our philosophy is simple -‘To maximize energy savings for our clients’. Seva Automotives, a registered dealer operating at over 15 locations in Maharashtra and about 7 to 8 cities across India, entailed us to install 7 plants. kalpa took up the challenge. this was a boot project where the customer was paying close to 16 Rs per unit. We switched them to solar and the cost came down by 62 percent in one single switch to Rs 6 per unit.” Kalpa Power’s expertise is very well reflected through its clientele which includes names like Shenzhen INVT Electric Company, Panasonic, NewYork based Trina Solar and many more.

The Future Road Map
Having crossed a total business of 1.5 crores in 2015, 21 crore in 2016, Kalpa Power is already positive about crossing 30-35 crores this year. discussing the future road map of the firm, Rounak shares, “Growing forward, we are looking at being an asset management company where we are starting to think about the customer from the over all asset deployment and managing the asset, working towards the betterment and the health of their asset. We have got strong leads from the Middle East and North Africa and in the coming years our target is to spread across the international markets. Our journey was not an overnight success - there has been hard work, long nights put in and we are happy to say that the place that we are right now is good to be in.”