Kalyya Farms: Envisioning a Healthier India

Mr Kamal Khubchandani,DirectorIndia is the leading producer and consumer of dairy products worldwide. Yet, the state of adulteration in milk and milk products in the country is such that 68.7 percent of milk and milk products sold is not as per the standards laid down by the FSSAI.

Kalyya is not just a dairy brand. It is a collective of local and passion-ate dairy farmers who know how to care for their cows and keep them happy and healthy.

Based in Ahmedabad, Kalyya Farms strive to serve fresh, naturally rich and indulgent desi Gir cow A2 milk products delivered directly from farm to your doorstep.

Why A2 Milk products you ask?
A2 is the purest form of milk produced by gir cows that are loved, nurtured, and taken care of. Cows at our farm are given farm grown fresh fodder, clean water, and kept in a happy environment. As a result, the milk is purer and nutritious.

Built on the strong Legacy and Foundation laid by Khubchandani group, Kalyya farm's number one focus is to bring the purest and healthiest dairy products right at consumer's doorsteps and while doing so having an impeccable customer service.

Kamal Khubchandani, Director of Kalyya Farms says “Most dairy consumers don't know the nutritional value of the milk products they are consuming on a daily basis. We work very closely in keeping our
Cows happy and maintaining the quality of feed we provide to our cows which results in supplying unadulterated and quality dairy products to our customers. Every health conscious consumer will know that consuming healthy dairy products is vital to their health.

Step Towards a Healthy India
Kamal believes in making India healthier by producing nutrient rich milk products. After a successful launch in Ahmedabad, Kamal has national expansion plans that will help serve his vision of making India healthy.

At the moment, a Kalyya farm only provides raw A2 Gir cow milk, A2 Gir cow Paneer and A2 Ghee in selected areas in Ahmedabad.

Ravi Prakash Vaghanani, a young and energetic Marketing Advisor at Kalyya Farms, states that “There is a huge gap in the dairy market when it comes to providing 100% pure nutritious dairy products and also there is big lack of high calibre service which results in swaying loyalty of consumers. We're here to fill that gap and be the best at providing customer service. Our custom-er retention rate is higher than big dairy brands in the city because we go the extra mile to make our customers happy and we listen to their concerns and feedback very closely.”

Providing the Best dairy products from the Gir cows, scaling national level.

Most consumers opt in for Kalyya Milk products are health conscious individuals or parents who want their new-born babies and/or kids to consume healthy dairy products.

Kalyya A2 milk has a lot of benefits:
1) It is safe for Lactose Intolerant too
2) It's protein rich and advised by top health experts (even Baba Ram-dev suggests drinking A2 milk)
3) Helps build strong bones, reduce cholesterol levels, improve heart's functioning and reduce joint pains.
4) 100% pure farm fresh delivered to your doorstep

Future prospects:
The primary focus of Kalyya Farms is producing healthy dairy products and scales it to national level. Moving forward, they also have plans to produce other organic products that helps build a healthy lifestyle for their customers.

“Our production numbers are good right now but we have plans to scale this as soon as we get our next opportunity. Our team size is increasing and that's a good sign. Future looks bright and we are ready to jump to our next level” concludes Kamal.