Kangiten Technologies: Connect - Collect - Analyse - Integrate; Data Collection for Predictive Maintenance

Dinesh Sonsale,Founder & Director

Dinesh Sonsale

Founder & Director

As the businesses around the globe are moving to-wards the digitization, there's a rapid expansion in the market for IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. It is expected that Industrial IoT alone will add USD 14 trillion economic value to the global economy by 2030. The companies, small-scale to large ones, are in the race to reach their customers through the digital space and implement efficient soft-ware development technologies in their processes to increase productivity as well. Modern information and communication technologies like cyber-physical system, big-data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and cloud computing can help early detection of defects and production failures. This will be increasing productivity, quality, and agility; thereby adding significant competitive value. A Pune based software product development start-up ­ Kangiten Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (KTPL) specializes in transforming a concept into a software product, is helping the businesses achieve this goal. Since its inception in 2018, KTPL has built and deployed soft-ware applications in various business domains in India and abroad.

DataSar is the flagship IoT platform developed by KTPL. It provides a scalable solution with a prognosis of things with respect to signature. DataSar is easy to integrate with any business domain and it's hardware devices. Commercial support is available through KTPL. It's capable of Collecting, Storing and Analysing sensor data. DataSar also provides Data Security and Privacy.
DataSar IoT is an enterprise-ready technology platform enabling rapid development and deployment of monitoring devices and integrated systems for IoT. KTPL has deployed a variety of systems using the DataSar IoT platform for its clients in the field of waste composter machines, plastic molding machines, vending machines, power generators, etc.

Market Ready ­ Always
Data collection is important for Predictive Maintenance. Using this data, KTPL is working on Data-modeling for accurate predictions usingAI/ML Technologies. This will help reduce asset maintenance and the operating cost, increasing the quality.

Mahendra Navaghane, Co-Founder

Each client has its own custom business requirements. The deployment timeframe is also a crucial part. KTPL's ready-to-deploy component allows the company to be 80 percent product-ready all the time and customize the remaining 20 percent as per the business requirements of the client. The product gets deployed as per client's time frame and budget requirements.

Both the founders Mahendra Navaghane and Dinesh Prabhakar Sonsale have extensive knowledge and experience in technology and provides consulting and design in a variety of domains.

Kangiten technologies pvt. Ltd. Is a tech-startup having a vision of implementing industry 4.0 with IoT solutions in digital signage and intelligent capital asset monitoring

IoT, AI, ML ­ A Way Ahead
Now, KTPL is focussing on the implementation of AI and ML algorithm to improve the predictive maintenance. Also, DataSar IoT Platform is now available as SAAS (Software As A Service) version. KTPL is planning to make it available in two versions ­ DataSar Local and DataSar Private Cloud. KTPL's primary focus is on customising the software product development for clients using AI, ML, and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Kangiten is planning to focus more on the Europe and the USA market with products like DataSar and Quik Shows.