Kanker Roadways: A Pioneer in Chhattisgarh's Private Transportation Sector

Navsharan Garcha, Managing Director

Navsharan Garcha

Managing Director

According to the Association of State Road Transport, buses account for more than 90 percent of public transportation in Indian cities. When it comes to intercity travel where one might not want to go through the hassle of trains, boarding the bus is a go-to choice. Being one of the earliest and most widespread transportation providers, Kanker Roadways is the largest privately-owned transportation in Chhattisgarh, providing comfortable transportation at an affordable price. For approximately 60 years, the company has served Chhattisgarh and its bordering regions with pride. The company's fleet has grown from seven vehicles to more than 200. Kanker Roadways offer service to popular destinations including Raipur, Nagpur, Jabalpur, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chhindwara, with Jagdalpur and Bailadila being the most popular routes (arrival and departure). Buses regularly run to these major cities and are also available for special bookings.

"After 2000, since the creation of Chhattisgarh, there has been no state transportation. Every other state had but we don't, so ours is a legacy company. Earlier, we used to practice old style ticketing, but gradually we replaced it with ticketing machines with thermal printers around 2011, we started selling our tickets online, which is the norm today", shares Navsharan Garcha, Managing Director, Kanker Roadways.

Upgrading with Trending Technology
Kanker Roadways takes pride in being the first transportation company in the state to have its own website. The company also has a massive presence on web aggregators, like Red Bus, the most prominent one, travelyaari, yatra, makemytrip, and more. Besides that, the company also has mobile apps, which can be installed on iOS and Android. Kanker Roadways provides the general public with cutting-edge transportation technology. Other
features include Wi-Fi, water bottles, charging points, hygiene, television, punctuality, bus booking, cancellation, bus hire, cargo, and more. KRPL takes extra care that its passengers have a comfortable journey. However, in the event of any unpleasant experience, KRPL has a coupon system that reimburses the passengers for their expenses and assures them of correcting their previous mistakes.

Kanker Roadways takes pride in being the first transportation company in the state to have its website. The firm also has a massive presence on web aggregators, like Red Bus, the most prominent one, travelyaari, yatra, makemytrip, and more

"Customers prefer a comfortable and fast journey. So, we have put a QR code in our buses so that passengers can scan it and get directly in touch with customer support throughout the journey. Our team works around the clock to take client feedback. Today, everyone owns a personal device, so they want individual charging ports. After customer feedback, we now have 32 charging ports in a bus carrying 30 passengers", says Navsharan.

Furthermore, Kanker Roadways has a dedicated team that handles every business affair. Currently, the company has its head office in Raipur with three depots across the state of Chhattisgarh. It has 800-900 employees, which include drivers, conductors, mechanics, helpers, fabricators, office staff, and more. It has its own mechanical workshop, A/C workshop, the Only Bus Body Fabrication Workshop(approved by ARAI) in Chhattisgarh, house keeping department, and a tailoring workshop. The company has a separate team for insurance, legal matters, and permits. Because the transportation industry is license-based and rules vary from city to city, the company has a team to handle local authorities, competitors, and partners. Thus, the work is allotted to the staff members based on their experience and abilities.

Conclusively, Kanker Roadways has always been a pioneer in adopting new trends and innovations while competitors follow suit. The company's short-term goals are to start buses for cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Delhi. Kanker Roadways further plans to cover highways in major cities with the help of new technology and infrastructure. It plans to do this by adding new routes to its portfolio, opening offices in other cities, increasing its profits, and becoming a trendsetter in the industry.