Karya Kalpa : Creating Spaces that Tell Unique Stories, Inspiring Comfort with Ecofriendly, User-friendly, & Budget-friendly Solutions

 Anil Bhardwaj,  DirectorIn the vibrant and competitive landscape of India, designers are successfully making their mark and shaping the way people live, work, & interact with their environment. Whether it is for corporate or residential purposes, the generation is aspiring for more freshness in their spaces. India is slowly yet steadily transforming into the epicenter of art, tradition, culture, innovation, and sustainability. From minimal to maximal space, the diverse population is seeking more rich architectural designs infused with eco-conscious ideas and eco-friendly products. Notably, India is fertile ground that offers a plethora of opportunities to creative and trendy interior designers.

Thus, interior designers are perfectly blending science, innovation, and automation into their designs to enhance lifestyles and living smartly and securely. And one of those designers is ‘Karya Kalpa’. It is a four-year-old interior design firm, an independent one-stop solution provider offering sustainability, profitability, and affordability.

Nikhila Mohan, Director

Niches Services & Projects

From known to well-known projects, Karya Kalpa has embraced the opportunity to bring the projects to fruition for brands like BOSCH, Oneplus, and British Telecom. Among them, the project showstopper is RMZ Millenia, Inbrew Beverages, a 13,000 sq. ft. office space located in Bengaluru.

Naveen Joseph, Director

Promisingly focusing on quality, Karya Kalpa has spread its wings in a wide range of services such as strategic consulting, valuations, agency services, and project management. It is an expert in myriad interior designs ranging from corporate to residential to co working spaces to managed office space to hospitality to retail, with an essence of luxury and profound proficiency. Further to add, from MEP works to refurbishments to retro fittings, the company has explored a few specialized niches and collaborative ventures in various parts of India, such as Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Embracing Challenges to Grow

By forging an integrated approach, Karya Kalpa perfectly blends technology, functionality, and contemporary designs to contribute to a large scale of developments. From executing customized spaces such as a perfect chairman’s room to managing director’s bae, it is clear that Karya Kalpa wants to lead by example.
Innovatively crafting with an expert eye for details, the company rose to the challenges by meeting all the requirements to analyzing the importance of saying no to the clients and educating them about what is right, smart, & trendy.

The Influence of Team

With its diverse expertise spanning multiple years, a team of 15 has come together to fill the gap in the interior industry by fulfilling the needs and requirements of all the clients without compromising on quality. “Karya Kalpa is a dynamic and ever-evolving platform with a promising team where every individual takes ownership of projects, designs, and changes with a single mindset, delivering the right services at the right time using the right budget”, says Nikhila Mohan, Director, Karya Kalpa.

R Vaidyanathan, Director Business Head

Their work line is replete with unity, creativity, and a great vision to plan, analyze, and implement what people desire, dream, and demand. The Karya Kalpa team believes that every ounce of opportunity is to stay at the forefront of industry innovation, catering to the ever-evolving preferences wrapped in elegance draped in the dreams and desires of clients.

The Optimistic Vision

From two cities to three cities to PAN India to global countries like Dubai, Malaysia, and the West Indies, Karya Kalpa wants to target a larger social dialogue, offering something different for everyone. By nodding to every culture & geography, observing individual styles & tastes, and conveying every unique story of India, in fact, culminating in what the whole world wants.

By skillfully bringing spaces to life, Karya Kalpa earmarks its visibility among ‘Fortune 500' companies with its constant influx of creation, innovation, renovations, & redesigns

By skillfully bringing spaces to life, Karya Kalpa earmarks its visibility among ‘Fortune 500' companies with its constant influx of creation, innovation, renovations, and redesigns. In the upcoming days, Karya Kalpa is engrossed in streamlining its child company Colab Workspaces, an ideal space for freelancers who are in the hunt for calm and serene spaces that are flexible and affordable for work.