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Abha Kashyap,Co-Founder

Abha Kashyap


Bringing together top legal talent and global legal expertise, Kashyap & Kashyap opened its doors in 2017 with the aim of providing affordable and high-quality legal services in the greater NCR region. The founding partners, Abha Kashyap and Akash Kashyap have spent a large part of their lives in the US, both in education(Harvard University, Brooklyn Law School,University of Massachusetts, and Lancaster University-UK and in working in the legal field as well as other industries in California, Massachusetts and New York. They found their home country rapidly evolving in many different ways. This is when they made up their mind to move to India to be a part of this dynamic society. After several years of their stay, they decided to venture into the legal profession and experience the impact that it leaves on the society.“We believed that we could bridge the gap between the legal fields of India and the USA. We established the firm with the core value of providing ethical legal assistance of the highest standard available to all. We started being Kashyap& Kashyap and have now evolved into Kashyap, Partners & Associates(KPA),”speaks Abha
Kashyap, Managing Partner.

The legal industry, internationally, is undergoing a rapid metamorphosis. Keeping up with this dynamic environment is the biggest challenge for any law firm. With change comes evolution which is the cornerstone to stay ahead of the competition. In contrast to large legacy law firms, KPA values all members individually. Throwing light on this, Abha says,“The inputs, thoughts and ideas of all members including our team, our clients,and those who associate with us are important. This helps us to understand various perspectives in problem-solving. These perspectives clubbed with continuing legal and business education both locally and internationally help us to stay ahead of the game.”

"KPA has international clients with the need to branch into the rapidly growing market in India and Indian clients who need assistance opening a business in the US"

A team of corporate lawyers,and all the partners and associates at KPA have a degree in business and law from the USA,UK and/or India. This education in conjunction with collective experience of all, helps the firm understand its clients' requirements better and faster.“Our strategy has been to concentrate on Start-ups, Media Law, Arbitration, Business law and IPR in India while KPA’s New York office focuses more on Immigration and Corporate Law and Negotiations,” mentions Abha talking about the uniqueness of KPA. KPA's services are available
in India and in the United States as well. The firm has partnered with certain attorneys who share its values to help spread the same manner of service within other locations.

Team KPA’s biggest strength lies in the deep understanding of the people and how business is conducted in both India and USA.Its partners are members of the Bar councils in India as wellas New York Bar Council(USA), NewJersey Bar CouncilUSA), Washington DC Bar CouncilUSA)and the American Bar Association and International Bar Association. We have international clients with the need to branch into the rapidly growing market in India ,and Indian clients who need assistance opening a business in the US. We offer IPR, Media Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mergers and Acquisitions across borders,”she asserts.

The Growth over the Years
As for any new organization,KPA has recorded a gradual and steady growth. Abha informs us,“We are blessed on constantly receiving opportunities to hold educational workshops for established firms and startups on corporate legalities, POSH, business formation and legal compliances. We involve ourselves in doing pro-bono work, as well. These activities give us exposure and we are able to give back to our society in the process.”

The firm plans to expand in an organic manner on a global scale and plans to continue to expand its knowledge and skill set.“We also plan to continue offering effective,innovative and efficient solutions to our clients,”she concludes.