Kaviva Life Sciences: Advancing Innovation for Life

Kapil Shah, Managing Director

Kapil Shah

Managing Director

In India, approximately 15 – 20 per cent of married couples in their fertile age group suffer from infertility; the reasons being increased urbanization, pollution, chemical exposure, stress, competitive work environment and fast paced lifestyles. This remains a major health concern. The use of fertility enhancing medications has increased drastically over the past few years, with the role of the life science companies continuing to expand within that specific niche of healthcare. Ahmedabad based Kaviva Life Sciences is one such company in India that serves the healthcare industry with a wide range of therapeutic areas. The company specializes in woman health care along with nutraceuticals supplements and Fertility Management.

Kaviva was established by a group of committed and experienced professionals who came together to offer result oriented products. “The objective is to provide an innovative solution in the form of medicines to infertile couples. We believe infertility is a growing problem in a country like India and there is a strong need to deliver innovative medicines and result oriented products for the benefits of patients/ customers,”says
Kapil Shah, Managing Director.

The Journey
Kaviva began its journey in 2015 with a bold mission of becoming a leader in the Fertility Segment and a preferred business partner for all. It has, over the years, witnessed a meteoric growth that has marked its presence in the market. Backed by a dedicated team of over 60+ professionals, it aims to be among the top 50 Pharmaceutical companies in India in this segment in the next five years.

Kaviva’s mission is to conduct research, develop new formulations and product innovation and successfully market them to cure diseases, ease Suffering and to enhance the quality of life

The company derives its strengths from its highly competent and motivated Marketing & experienced Sales team, its innovative products aided by strong alliances and partnerships. It believes in providing quality healthcare through a mix of innovative products that can directly make a difference in the life of people. “At Kaviva, we believe in Holistic growth of our people, processes and Products toward the betterment of Life. Our mission is to conduct research, develop new formulations and product innovation and successfully market them to cure diseases, ease suffering and to enhance the quality of life,” he mentions.

A Bright Future
Kaviva looks to the future with ever higher goals and ambitions and with its unwavering focus on innovation and quality, it is strategically poised to grow even further in the years ahead. The team believes in developing true partnerships; hence they foster a collegial environment, where individual perspectives are admired. “We believe in the power of partnerships. We work collaboratively with patients, doctors, retailers and whole sellers. Our focus on end consumers - patients tightens this collaboration as we are together working towards the same goal,”asserts Khyati Shah (Head - Finance & HR). The company strives for high performance with the higher integrity with the help of dedicated staff, experts and employees who are passionate towards their work.

Kaviva started marketing operations from April 2015. The first Division was launched in Gynecology & Fertility Speciality and within four years, it has expanded into Paediatrics and General Specialties. It is currently operational in West Zone and plans to expand across India in the next two years. “Our approach in the coming years would be to combine aggressive strategic marketing with world-class products of highest quality and services at competitive prices to become the most trusted partner for all our customers in Healthcare,” he concludes.