KB Project Solutions: Delivering Exceptional Services to Construction Industry

 Mogul K. Baig,  FounderConstruction industries are today in faster mode with the advent of technologies to enhance productivity and competition. No doubt Construction is the world's largest and most difficult industry which contributes greatly to the nation's development. So the quality issue and the requirement for higher productivity have been a great concern for this industry. Enter the plate, KB Project Solutions, provides Design Management, through procurement, Contractual Process and Construction Project Management with comprehensive solutions to medium or lower medium construction companies/builders for sustaining infrastructure. The company also has been ensuring them with good benefits and meeting end users' satisfaction by introducing different Training Modules and focusing on Training and Developing the engineering team and the Management Team for a better outcome.

The major factors that drive the growth of this market are the benefits that are shown to the clients by sincerely adopting and following the rules of processes defined by Project Management. If a project is done in time, with the best quality and within the budget, the client would be surely benefited’’, says Mogul K. Baig, (Civil Engineer and PMI Certified Project Management Professional, PMP) Founder of KB Project Solutions, who carries 35 years of experience in Construction and Construction Project
Management in India and abroad. With a legacy that started in 2020, now the firm is putting its main focus on medium and lower medium companies for the better practices of Construction and Construction Project Management by offering the best Project Management Services along with training Programs in Construction and Project Management.

Even though technological advancements have proved their mettle in various sectors including construction industry still many projects get delayed, face quality issues and budget problems. To overcome these challenges KB Project Solutions does the right job from reviewing the design, preparing schedule, monitoring/ controlling and work on correct budget to engaging suitable contractor so that the projects can be handed over smoothly with no quality issues and on time. Further elucidating the benefits of the company’s services, the organization also leverage design management which include optimum usage of space, provide a correct budget regarding the quantity, material quality, manpower. It also delivers construction management by supervising the construction activities, conducts audits for construction project management for better quality and cost effective and also helps in training all engineers and managers to develop their skills.

KB Project Solutions is all set to expand its services in South India and Gulf Countries, enhancing lower & medium construction organizations

“We have a major University Project in hand at the moment. Its spread across 75 acres and located in Hyderabad. Total built up area of around eight million s ft. We have established Project Management Office(PMO) to manage the entire construction process from design management to engaging all consultants, contractors using methodology adopted through Project Management processes”, further adds Mogul K. Baig.

Steering ahead, KB Project Solutions is all set to expand its services in South India and Gulf Countries enhancing lower and medium construction organizations. It is also working on providing Project Management Services to clients on their behalf by establishing PMO (Project Management Office) so that they get benefit since PMO takes care of entire system to handle their multiple projects. They are also planning to move towards Design & Bu ild projects in residential sector across district headquarters across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka states.