Kcolbchain: Demystifying Blockchain

Abhishek Krishna, FounderAbhishek Krishna, a musician, a hacker, and an avid coder was first exposed to the dark web in 2010, in the hostels of IIT Roorkee. Ever since then, his interest intrigued him to get to know more about the alternate Bitcoin and Crypto Economy.

In 2015, while running Edlogiq, an Education and Neuroscience Games startup,he got curious about the blockchain development and its revolutionary potential and ended up buying a domain related to blockchain.

By 2017, he started helping developers, product, and design people learn about blockchain. The problem he identified was that blockchain space itself was a new domain and with ever changing new languages, libraries, and platforms coming up every week made it challenging for developers to keep up with the transformation. That was the start of Kcolbchain.

Watch out forthe New Kid on the Block
Bangalore based Kcolbchain has come a long way from where it all started.“Building a remote culture and team has been a challenge. However, we have been able to overcome that with smart processes, collaboration tools, and social culture with music and art jam sessions, multiplayer game sessions and meetups,” smiles Abhishek, cheerfully.

Kcolbchain has an ever-growing tribe of 153 blockchain developers, designers and security professionals at the moment

Today, Kcolbchain focuses on plugging the gap between demand for quality and availability of blockchain talent. The company is creating the best community of blockchain developers, designers, products and security pros, and grooming the right talent with a knowledge sharing and learning based culture. As a growing company, it has big ambitions and is focused on helping businesses and government build best blockchain solutions and products with top design, product, development, and security talent.

“We are currently working on creating a product for the

Kcolbchain tribe, which is yet to be unveiled soon in Q3 2019. Also, we will be launching in Q4 2019,” reveals Abhishek.

The Future is here - It’s all about Decentralized & Secured Network!
Kcolbchain has an ever growing community of 153 blockchain developers, designers, and security professionals at the moment. It has its presence in more than 30+locations in eight countries and has worked with multiple clients in India, Russia, USA, Germany, Singapore, and Australia. Currently, in an expansion phase, the company is aggressively building partnerships and relationships with businesses & Govt. organizations to get exciting and challenging work for the Kcolbchain Tribe and create beautiful products which solve large scale complex problems. Setting aglow, Abhishek concluding on a positive note says “As a young entrepreneur, you would find yourself working too hard on too many things and before you know it starts taking a toll on your happiness and health. The key thing is to find a balance and enjoy the world around you. Focus on hard work until a threshold, and make space for smartwork as you understand your market, technology, and users better. Keep a neutral 360° POV, and you should revisit it once in a while from the current path of your business to focus on finding future trajectories for growth. Most importantly, build an awesome network of people you work with and help them grow.”