JOBOY: Uncomplicate Life!

Jeevan K Varghese,Co-founder

Jees V. Kariyil & Jeevan K Varghese, Co-Founders

Organizing the unorganized sector is the need of the hour. The service sectors and market segments across the globe are plagued with inefficiencies, low productivity, and wastage of resources. Nevertheless, the occupations ranging from people in the service industry such as housemaids, delivery-boys, drivers, to micro enterprises such as solo-shop owners, vegetables and fruit vendors, to skilled micro-businessmen, including plumbers, carpenters, electricians, dry cleaners to employed personnel such as security guards, car drivers, all lack the ability to sustain or work flawlessly.

As a result, there are failed commitments, little or no accountability and inadequacies in markets leading to sub optimal behaviour. Jeevan K Varghese, Co-Founder, JOBOY, having experienced the horrendous episodes personally, speaks, “To put an end to such ambiguity, we have developed a solution that solves the pain in finding a trusted service provider, and getting quality repairs done, all under one roof. The best part is - we have built a technology that is geography-agnostic /customizable as per location.”

Tackling the Challenges to Build a Trusted Service Platform
Today, the on-demand service industry in India is still in its early stages of development. There is an enormous opportunity for everyone to collaborate, co-exist and contribute. However, the market is yet to evolve to the current technology supported trends. The roadblocks that currently exist in the market include customer acceptance of technology-based services and building trust. Most importantly, it is about ensuring the performance and quality of services from a service provider.

Jeevan explicates “Our business model is the differentiating factor here. No other player has been able to give on-demand services the way we do, today. Our service providers have reached a customer doorstep in eight minutes, which is a breakthrough in itself. We try to build commitment from both sides, thereby maintaining a healthy long-term relationship.”

Famished towards improving the quality of the local service industry, JOBOY has invested heavily in technology and created a value add to improve customers day-to-day activities. “We have had this constant feedback from our advisers that we are leading innovations in the service industry,” mentions Jeevan, happily, “It is encouraging when you see your competition trying to follow you with what you are doing. That gives us more confidence that we are going in the right direction.”

"Interestingly,JOBOY has 45 percent returning customer base, which inevitably keeps them ahead ofthe competition"

Carving a niche in the industry, JOBOY has maintained a difference by the way it provides services to a customer. Jees V. Kariyil, Co-Founder, JOBOY explains “We have spent a lot of our time in studying customer requirements and getting feedback from potential customers. Our approach is unique, as we are eliminating the effort normally put in by a customer in finding an expert service provider, at the same time maintaining a pricing strategy that helps both customers and service providers.”

Focus on what’s Important!
Typically, when you have an electrical or plumbing problem in your house, you either ask around for the contact details of an expert, or go looking for a service provider. Even if you manage to find one, you will have to wait for them to turn up at their convenience, after multiple follow-ups, after having you waiting endlessly, and when they finally turn up, you end up paying them excess charges (or bargain unnecessarily), without having any confidence on the quality of work done. This behaviour has persisted in the industry for a very long time now.

“Simplifying the entire experience,
we have taken care of the issues, seamlessly. We help customers find expert service-providers right in their locality, without having them make multiple phone calls or follow-ups, with pre-determined low pricing and a service warranty, “ says Jees,“In our experience, we have had customer call late at night, where the service provider reached the customer door in no time. That is unheard of in the industry, but we have managed to provide services many times within ten minutes of the request from customers.”

The Journey of Thousand Miles
Realizing the effort that goes in getting trust able services when you are in a new city, or own city, instigated the co-founders to start JOBOY. “We wanted JOBOY to be a personal assistant to every individual, at the same time making it affordable for customers and creating more jobs for people in service sectors,” says Jeevan, candidly.

"Currently bootstrapped, JOBOY is supported & funded by Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation(KSIDC)"

Founded in 2015,JOBOY has had an exciting journey. The company did face minor hurdles along the way, be it customer acquisition, revenue growth, to name a few. However, having a great business model and effective pricing strategy helped them over come them all, successfully. “Our priorities were set around getting the model right than instant revenue growth,” mentions Jeevan.

Bespoke Quality Services on the Go!
JOBOY was born out of co-founders experience, and that of people around them. “We had a problem to solve, and the right solution would draw the attention of customers to us. So, we had to work on an innovative service delivery model and a very niche pricing strategy,” says Jeevan.

Ensuring quality and reliability in the service JOBOY provides; its services are customer focused, with a service warranty, unique-pricing, secure technology, and personal touch during interactions. The pricing model suits both customer and service provider, thereby creating a long-lasting relationship. Interestingly, JOBOY has 45 percent returning customer base, which inevitably keeps them ahead of the competition.

All in all, JOBOY has both an on-demand and scheduled service delivery model. For corporates, it saves a lot of money and time, whereby it hoards them the expense of keeping a full-time resource or save the effort infinding an efficient-resource at the right time. For consumers, its focus is around sticking to a schedule, building trust and at the same time saving them money.

Growth Ahead of JOBOY
Currently bootstrapped, JOBOY is supported & funded by Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC). The company is looking to consolidate its position in the market before looking for external funding.

However, until recently, their focus has been on getting the business model right, having the right pricing and getting some effective-feedback from users. Jeevan excited about the recent developments says “Now we believe that we are ready to explore, and expand to new cities.”

Growing organically, JOBOY has gone Live with three more cities in India in December, and will soon be looking at many more. It has started its services in the UAE and is looking for the right partners in other countries. Also, it has an office in the UK, where they are working on on-boarding service providers. “This is a huge opportunity worth exploring, while the industry globally is expected to grow at 49 percent CAGR,” reports Jeevan.

“We believe we have an excellent opportunity lying ahead of us, and that we have the right business model to do well. We will focus on the Indian market in the short term. However, we will want to move on to other countries without much wait. We have been actively hiring good resources across departments, and are testing our market strategy, and are also discussing with potential partners for launch in other countries. We are also working on making our technology more efficient by incorporating the various learning over the past years,” concludes Jeevan, revealing the road map ahead of JOBOY.
Co-Founder’s Note, Jees V. Kariyil & Jeevan K Varghese
The dynamic duos, Jees & Jeevan are not only the co-founders of the company but also active users of JOBOY. They take great pride in having set up a unique platform which is said to put an end to the unorganized service sector across developing and developed countries alike.

“When ever there is a requirement, be it electrical, plumbing, laundry, ironing, dry cleaning, ticketing, car wash, and delivery, I reach out to JOBOY, without a thing to worry about the quality / credibility, ”smiles Jeevan, “Recently, I got my computer repaired and updated through JOBOY.”

• On-Demand / Scheduled Services With a large service provider base, JOBOY is able to deliver services as per schedule.

• Verified and Experienced Professionals
Their service professionals are on-boarded after detailed background verification.

• Transparent and Predefined Pricing
JOBOY ensures that the customers are aware of what they are liable for even before ordering a service.

• Online Payment Facility
Flexible payment methods such as Cash on Delivery and multiple Online Payment Channels.

JOBOY’s wide network of trusted and experienced services professionals ensures Electrical, plumbing, AC installation, repair and service, home appliance repair, fitness and beauty services, laundry and dry cleaning doorstep delivery and online delivery within the city limits on time. The list of services can be customised according to specific local requirements.

• Service Warranty
JOBOY offers 7 to 60 days warranty based on nature of service to ensure customer satisfaction.

• Electronic Invoices
Customers receive invoices/receipts based on type of service, via email, that shows details of all charges.

• 24x7 Customer Services
Customers and Service providers can reach the support team anytime for queries and help.

• Secured - PCI DSS Compliant
JOBOY is PCI DSS compliant and ensure that all customer data is safe and secure.

•Single Platform for Everything Local
JOBOY keeps it exciting for its customers at all times by providing additional services such as special deals for JOBOY customers, local shopping, ticketing for local events, and payments solutions. All in all, creating a single platform for everything local.

Interesting Facts about JOBOY – Fostering a Culture of Growth
JOBOY means‘Someone who knows everything,’ and that is what the team is trying to achieve. The company is giving its customers a trusted assistant for everything they need locally. In simple words, it wants to give everyone a personal assistant, using technology, but with a personal touch.

With the right business model, and effective-pricing strategy in place, it shouldn’t take them long to get at the forefront of the business. More than anything, JOBOY is said to ‘Uncomplicate Life’ for Everyone!

JOBOY is slowly yet steadily working up its way in the world of start-ups. Over the past few years, the company has been recognized, through various awards and accolades. It has set up offices abroad and has grown its customer base extensively. At present, it is spreading its wings to new regions and is also expanding overseas.

Team JOBOY never rests on its laurels, and takes the lead in many areas, giving them the opportunity to be creative, to be a part of the decision making process. Thus, creating a sense of ownership. The company follows an open culture without too many layers, helping faster communication, decision making, and saving time on developments. Also, well-performing employees are rewarded, through Employee share options.