Kesowa: Drone Tech Startup Conducive to Innovation

Prayush Poddar, Vinayak Malhotra,FoundersDrone services industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 50 per cent on a global scale till 2025.Surveillance and speeding up delivery are two major drivers of the growing demand for drones. Additionally, decreasing production cost and workloads, increasing productivity, efficiency and accuracy and the ability to resolve security disparities both on major and minor scale have directly contributed to the popularity of drones. However, product assembling and incompetent handling of equipment along with low consumer knowledge of the product have significantly affected the growth of drone industry in India.

Efficient service provision in an industry operating with technological sensitive equipment like drone demands complete knowledge and understanding by its key operator. Kesowa is a Kolkata based start-up that is making it happen. The company has already bagged some of the key government and private projects. Prayush Poddar, Co-founder of Kesowa says, "The true value of science and technology lies in bringing people from ignorance and making them knowledgeable on the proper actions necessary. At Kesowa we are team of borderless thinkers, collab-orators and creators with a vision of creating futuristic products that can make real impact. We are strong believer in our core values and principles and stand for accepting the world the way it is. The only thing constant is change."
Working Ties
Vinayak Malhotra, Co-founder of Kesowa says, "It has been hardly a year since we have been incepted as a company from an LLP. We have managed to bag some of the major governmental surveillance and sur-vey projects. New Town Kolkata Development Authority, West Bengal Forest Services, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, West Bengal Pollution Control Board, West Bengal Fisheries, Municipal Corporation Bhopal (Lake Conservation Cell), Ambikapar District Collector, West Bengal Irrigation Department, Primarc Developers, Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority, Panskura Municipality (Khirai), and Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation comprise some of them."

The company emphasizes the promotion of a long, mutually beneficial and trusted stakeholder relationship. Kesowa thrives on creating stakeholder value and constantly rethinking its approach in business in terms of existence and expansion.

Vinayak Malhotra, Founder

Career Growth Expectancy
Prayush adds, "We have an extremely big and diverse workforce and consider ourselves lucky to be loved by many. Employees must under-stand that if they are dedicated and committed to their organization, the organization will reward them." Kesowa has focused on building a mutually trusted and friendly working environment with an appreciation for active participation in open-ended discussion. The leaders in Kesowa believes self-learning and being proactive is an indispensable trait of any contemporary successful individual. They keep their team motivated and create an environment through which their subordinate feels the urge to contribute and be accountable for their work.

Vinayak says, "We believe that an artist cannot paint at his/her best, on a gun point. We acknowledge that Creativity takes time and is gradual and organic. We do not pressurize team members, we want them to be relaxed and focused and dedicated while being self-motivated." Kesowa is comprised of a very young and vibrant group of individuals filled with enthusiasm for deriving the benefits of science and technology for betterment of the society.