Keyone Interiors: Redefining Interior Contracting & Sculpting Clients Dreams Into Reality

 Nandan Shanbhag, Director, Head-Design & Projects,   Suhas Kamat, Director, Head-Sales & Marketing

Nandan Shanbhag, Director, Head-Design & Projects

Suhas Kamat, Director, Head-Sales & Marketing

When it comes to interior contracting, clients seek more than just aesthetically pleasing spaces. Today, they demand functional, sustainable, and technologically advanced environments that cater to their specific needs. One name stands out like a beacon of excellence and honesty - Keyone Interiors. Founded in 2015 by Suhas Kamat and Nandan Shanbhag, this young and vibrant startup has swiftly become a force to be reckoned with in the Indian interior contracting industry. Rooted in their core values of honesty, commitment, and quality, Keyone Interiors has carved a niche for itself by delivering turnkey interior solutions that leave clients spellbound.

Suhas Kamat and Nandan Shanbhag embarked on a journey to transform interior contracting in India eight years ago. With over two decades of experience in their respective fields, they united their passion for delivering exceptional interior contracting solutions. Nandan, a qualified Architect, brought a wealth of creative insight, while Suhas, armed with an MBA from Liverpool John Moores, brought a business acumen that complemented their vision. Their focus on trade, particularly contracting, set them apart from traditional interior design firms. From the outset, Keyone Interiors committed to delivering unmatched quality and honest service, relying on the power of word-of-mouth marketing and networking to propel their growth.

“At the heart of Keyone Interiors lies a set of core values that guide every decision and interaction with clients. Honesty and commitment to deliver what they promise form the bedrock of our success. Our mission is to provide best-in-class interior contracting solutions in a cost-effective manner, ensuring clients' dreams become a reality. So to say, the vision of Keyone
Interiors is to be the leading interior contracting company in India. We are determined to achieve this goal the right way, driven by ethics, integrity, and transparency", highlights Suhas Kamat - Director, Head-Sales & Marketing at Keyone Interiors.

Keyone Interiors is renowned for its turnkey interior solutions that encompass civil interiors, electrical, HVAC, exterior facade work, IT, and Building Management System installations. Their team of experts, including civil engineers, architects, and interior designers, ensures seamless execution of projects, maintaining the highest quality standards.

Keyone Interiors’ mission is to provide best-in-class interior contracting solutions in a cost-effective manner, ensuring clients’ dreams become a reality

What sets Keyone Interiors apart from the competition is their unwavering dedication to clients, regardless of project size. Unlike larger contractors who may overlook smaller projects, Keyone Interiors treats each assignment with equal passion and professionalism. Their value-driven approach, honest pricing, and commitment to client interests have earned them a loyal clientele.

Furthermore, Keyone Interiors leverages cutting edge technology to innovate and enhance service delivery. From mobile communication to CCTV monitoring on site, they ensure seamless project management. The use of WhatsApp groups fosters closer communication within teams, ensuring swift decision-making and a well-coordinated effort.

As a startup, Keyone Interiors faced the daunting task of proving them selves in the industry dominated by larger players. Building trust and convincing clients of their capabilities posed significant challenges. However, their unfettered commitment to delivering on promises, combined with an ever-expanding list of satisfied clients, silenced the skeptics.

Robust Roadmap Ahead
“With each passing year, we have grown from strength to strength, consistently surpassing expectations. The future holds a promising path for this dynamic startup. Riding on our current success, we aim to become a unicorn in the industry, solidifying their position as a leading interior contracting company in India. Additionally, we also plan to explore diversification through backward integration, opening up new avenues for growth and excellence”, concludes Nandan Shanbhag - Director, Head-Design & Projects at Keyone Interiors.