Khatabook: Building Agile and Inclusive Workplace

Bangalore is known as India's Silicon Valley and has seen many startups sprouting up. It is a city where you will find some of the world's most successful startups as it provides a perfect ecosystem for startups to flourish. One such successful startup from Bangalore is Khatabook. Founded in December 2018, Khatabook is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies, enabling micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs) to increase efficiency and profitability through safe and secure digital solutions. Khatabook offers multiple digital solutions to MSMEs in India.

The flag-ship Khatabook app is a digital ledger and finance management platform, Pagarkhata by Khatabook is a staff and salary management platform for businesses, and MyStore by Khatabook is an online storefront platform. Khatabook also acquired Biz Analyst, a leading SaaS business management application to offer premium value-added services like business analytics, sales force automation, and digital invoicing for large merchants and distributors. Khatabook today is available in thirteen languages and has over ten million monthly active users across all its platforms.

The journey started as a shared vision of all the co-founders to create a digital ecosystem exclusively de-signed to address the needs of small businesses and merchants of Bharat so that their business operations are more efficient and profitable while bringing in financial inclusivity for all. To do so, the firm needs a committed and empathetic culture that can understand the challenges of this segment.

Hence, Khatabook is always on the lookout for people who are determined and motivated enough to be problem solvers and passionate about the success of small businesses and entrepreneurs. They must have the capability to understand the nuances of the users' life, empathize with their day-to-day struggles and think creatively to solve many never-seen-before problems.

Committed and Empathetic Workforce for serving Bharat's MSMEs
The work environment at Khatabook is called multiplier culture. The firm strives to create an environment that brings out the best in its employees- intelligence, creativity, and capability. But most importantly, the firm expects a lot of empathy from the employees towards their colleagues and the users of the apps. Khushal Melana (SDE-3), one of the
first ten employees to join Khatabook, says, "Every day presented a unique opportunity to lead with full confidence and support from the organization. As an engineer, I can freely think from both product and tech perspectives. There are no silos, and the feedback mechanism within the organization is very open and prompt."

Ravish Naresh,Co-founder
Team Khatabook

The company has progressive people practices and perks like unlimited leave policy, Gender and Orientation neutral primary and secondary caregiver policy, six-monthly performance review and appraisals, flexible working hours, medical insurance, etc. There is already a solid foundation to build progressive work culture which supports multi-fold diversity and inclusivity, be it regional or gender and orientation. The job application process at Khatbook sup-ports multiple languages. The company makes sure that people coming from any region and comfortable with any language should be easily able to go through hiring stages.

Employee well-being is the top priority for Khatabook. The company has started an internal COVID help slack channel for employees and the HR and leadership team made it a point to constantly be in touch with every employee should they need any help. While the insurance cover already extends to COVID for Employees and their families, the company will also bear the vaccination charges for the employees to encourage them to get vaccinated. For mental wellness, the firm has partnered with Kaha Mind. Employees can join monthly group sessions on various topics like handling stress and anxiety or can schedule a confidential one-on-one counseling session if they feel a need.

“Today, Khatabook is a team of 200+ people. The leader-ship team at Khatabook believes in leading from the front. We want our employees to take the initiative and champion problem-solving. Every employee should be a decision-maker of their work priorities to drive great results. The organizational culture revolves around mentoring, collaborating, communicating, and making information accessible to all so that employees get the right foundation to achieve success”, said Ravish Naresh, Co-founder, Khatabook.

As one of the fastest-growing companies, Khatabook is rapidly hiring the finest talent to manage the growth and the digital opportunity generated for millions of merchants across the country. The firm's focus is building an agile and inclusive culture for the organization of Future while they continue to hire the best talent.