Kiabza: Extending the Life of Branded Fashion

Nohar Nath, Co-Founder

Nohar Nath


The practice of selling, giving out or exchanging old and unused items is a run of the mill activity. This customary practice is given a digital nudge by Nohar Nath and Abhishek Nath and presented as Kiabza a unique online platform facilitating recycling and merchandising of branded, authentic & handpicked pre owned clothes.

The Nath family has been into the textile industry for over five decades. Kanwar Vilas Nath laid the foundation of a fore most textile empire named, The Kishco Group an international textile business house that deals with the manufacturing and recycling of textiles. He created a niche legacy in the ecosystem which was acceded and carried forward by Nohar Nath, who with his adroitness took the business to greater heights.

The youngest talent of the family, Abhishek’s hinted the trailblazing idea of embarking a channel through which people could sell and buy unused and preowned clothes without a hitch. Nohar perceived the merits and promising essence of this out of the box concept, and the father son duo resolute to set about and create a whole new industry through Kiabza. The company has made room for all sorts of western clothing for men, women and children encouraging customers to sell out clothes that are no longer of any use to them. “While Abhishek was in boarding school, he and his friends would often exchange clothes amongst themselves. This practice wrapped us around
the productive capacity and we immediately concluded to turn this matter into a business. Hence in 2017, we pronounced the commencement of Kiabza” voices Nohar Nath, Co-Founder.

Kiabza, with its proof of concept verified, necessary infrastructure & team in place, is now ready to hit the market in a big way

Winning the Challenges
Though succoured by a unique idea and a great lineage, Kiabza was subjected to numerous questions and dissents. There were many who shot the idea down, casting doubts on the quality and hygienic conditions of the clothes that are sold and bought or rather exchanged through this platform. To remove these doubts, the company adopted the machination of coming to close quarters with people and explaining the entire procedure incorporated to clean and fumigate the products. “The main idea was to build trust amongst the people. And that could only be done by educating people about the concept and of course the authenticity of the company's practices. And to match up to the twenty first century requirements and reach the audience, we decided to foster new approaches and mediums. And details about the procedure are staged on our website. So anyone can easily understand what we do and how we do,” he states.

The Forward Movement
Kiabza, with its proof of concept verified, necessary infrastructure & team in place, is now ready to hit the market in a big way.It is therefore inviting maiden investments from Private Equity players to achieve this objective. With the ideology of merging aspiration and principles, it has been delivering value driven services to people. It has projected about 1500 major brands both domestic and international. The company has engaged it self in a noble cause of providing unapproved clothes as donation to the ones living in strained circumstances. “Our initiative has been very much liked and appreciated by people so far. We are PAN India based, have gained good number of clients and have successfully administered the assignments. Our association with NGO’s Vidya & Teach For India has given us the opportunity to indulge in some generous acts, “he adds.

In the upcoming time, the prime movers intend to enhance their services of Kiabza, further strengthen its hold in the market and take potential investors on board. It is putting a concentrated effort completely focused on ameliorating the business model; making it a full automated website that maintains transparency and is easy to operate. In short, it aims to extends perfections in every aspect in Keeping India’s Apparels, Beautiful Zestful & Ageless the tag line of KIABZA.