KiranaSales: Steering Supermarkets towards a Technology Savvy & Organized Future

Chandrashekar Pallaka,Founder & CEONot so long ago, the world’s largest retailer Walmart created a stir in the Indian retail industry through its initiative that aimed to equip small retail businesses to grab a larger pie in the rapidly growing market. Recently, it was the turn of Amazon that hit the news pages through a similar platform that endeavors to push the kirana stores online. In fact, Wallmart and Amazon are merely the prototypes of a vogue that has been witnessing many such retailers striving towards creating a future where traditional and organized retail domain coexist. Not just the biggies, but the trend also seems to have piqued the interest of multiple entrepreneurs, who are significantly contributing their share. Recent to join the league is Chandrashekar Pallaka - NIT elite, IT professional and Founder & CEO of, one of the promisinge-tailing platforms of India.

A brainchild of Bhavitha Tech Solutions, KiranaSales was founded in 2013 by Chandrashekar-and Devendra Jain - a seasoned Chartered Accountant co-founder & COO of KiranaSales - to fill the technology vacuum prevailing in the traditional brick-and-mortar retail businesses. “The idea was to leverage decent sales platforms like
websites and mobile apps that help stores protect and enhance their revenue by retaining and attracting new generation customers,” adds Chandrashekar. Groomed within a grocery business family, the duo brings in years of experience and business craftsmanship to the table.

KiranaSales has risen beyond the initial hiccups of persuading customers and hiring resources, and has emanated to be a cost-effective and reliable marketplace through its unique and sustainable solutions

Under their headship, the company has risen beyond the initial hiccups of persuading customers and hiring resources, and has emanated to be a cost-effective and reliable marketplace through its unique and sustainable solutions. Churning out Rs.3 crore revenue every year and having tied up with 21 stores, KiranaSales is claimed to deliver nearly 100 orders per day.The rationale for the rising glory can also be credited to its potpourri of solutions.Backed by best-in-class technology and robust inventory, KiranaSales hands out a wide variety of groceries and household items, thus allowing customers to choose from their favorite local supermarkets, while also handholding retailers to establish a firm competitive presence online, reduce operations cost and increase customer satisfaction.The company also serves as a price
discovery platform, which endows customers with an access to discount offerings in stores.

Bounded by core values that are reflected in each of its endeavors, the process-driven organization strives to enable a secure and transparent transaction by constantly communicating with its customers in a quest to succor their demands. Touted to be the enablers, organizers and technical partners of the grocery e-tail industry, KiranaSales prides itself in its pricing and delivering efficacies that set the venture at the higher end of the spectrum.

Treading Towards Success

Skilled workforce is one of the key competitive advantage, yet a challenging feat to possess, especially for an unorganized sector like neighborhood retail stores. Thus, to capacitate resources to orchestrate the domain, KiranaSales has institutionalized specialized training programs. With open and positive work culture infused within its ambience, the 13 people strong organization empowers its employees to freely communicate with not only retailers, but also the management personnel of the company. With such success-oriented attributes in its fold, KiranaSales is currently working on strengthening its technology platform, which is likely to unveil easy buying options for customers from local stores. Additionally, the company also aims to expand its geography and product portfolio to embrace bakery & sweets, home & kitchen appliances, consumer durable products, electronics and such other categories.