KisanMail: Empowering Farmers by Connecting them Over a Digital Platform

Arvind Patel,FounderNo one can deny the importance of the agriculture sector in India. For many years, the agriculture industry of the country has been supporting its economy. With the advent of globalization, the farming sector of the country has been often overlooked and, in many situations, the farmers of the country have been operating in the same way for many decades. While many don’t even want to change their operational styles due to the lack of knowledge, the ones that want to change are chained because of their financial challenges.

Operating to empower the rural people and providing solutions for their day to day problems is Kisan Mail. The company is the world’s first location based (Live GPS tracking) rural community/ecosystem where all farmers, shopkeepers, retailers, and traders come together and engage regarding their respective needs.

Owing to its uniqueness, KisanMail has been able to differentiate themselves from the rest in the market and carve out a niche in the segment. The Indian agriculture domain of India is currently facing a multitude of challenges and one important issue among this is the slow pace of tech reaching the rural areas leaving the farmers with conventional methods for trading. In majority of such scenarios, the middlemen have been taking a huge chunk of the farmers’ profits as their commission.
Growing up in a farming family, Arvind Patel had first-hand experience of the challenges that his family was facing when he was growing up. His passion for technology and his determination to help the farming community of the country led to the inception of KisanMail.

“I myself have worked in the tech industry for seven years and my expertise in product designing has helped me a lot in building the perfect and most user friendly interface for KisanMail. I went to my hometown for vacations, after reaching there I saw my dad is struggling to find a tractor to cultivate our land and the dealers have said that they will provide the tractors but later those same people weren’t even answering their phones when my father called. This one scenario is not an exceptional case but it is a generic problem amongst the farmers and there is more to it. This is what we want to bridge with KisanMail”, speaks Arvind Patel, Founder, KisanMail.

KisanMail has made it their goal to create a rural community and bring everyone together on one platform

The company primarily focuses on three main approaches that include Hire/Add Equipment, Find/ List Local Shops, and Buy/Sell Local Produce. In the first approach, KisanMail acts as a rental platform where all farmers and businesses can rent/lend equipment’s within the area. Then in the second approach, Kisan Mail is a local mart where farmers can easily find shops and businesses within the region and shopkeepers can list their shop to reach farmers more efficiently. Then finally, the company also takes up the role of a local trading platform where farmers, shopkeepers, and retailers engage directly with each other, thereby helping the farmer reach potential buyers directly.

Combining their best in class user experience with the affordability and accessibility of their operations, KisanMail has become a pioneering brand in the sector. Formulating plans for the betterment of the farming community, KisanMail has made it their goal to create a rural community and bring everyone together on one platform, which will have a massive impact on the rural populous of the country. By integrating the latest technologies into their operations, the seven member team of KisanMail is convinced that they could expand multifold and achieve greatness in the domain.