Kisanwala: Aiming To Enable Farmer's Self-Sufficiency Through The Use Of Technology-Based Solutions

Parag Modi Suresh Atluri ,Ramkrishna Mudholkar, Founders

Parag Modi Suresh Atluri

Ramkrishna Mudholkar, Founders

Population growth will increase the need for food, compelling farmers to increase agricultural production. Thus, precision agriculture and "Smart Farming" will play a significant part in the future of agriculture. However, most Indian farmers only possess a few acres of land, and these practices have been around for a long time, leading to the country's food security crisis. Therefore, it is essential to provide India's small farmers with high-tech agricultural services in order to enhance their revenues. With a similar vision in mind, the agri-tech company Kisanwala was established. Established by agriculture industry leaders Parag Modi, Suresh Atluri, and Ramkrishna Mudholkar, Kisanwala is both a marketplace and a platform that offers farmers comprehensive services.

Kisanwala is an all-inclusive platform that supplies farmers with everything they could ever want or need, from agronomic inputs, and advice to financial services and outputs indicators. Explaining more about the company, Parag Modi – the Founder of Kisanwala say, “Since there are already established technologies available to farmers, it can be difficult to determine which service to prioritize among the several startups. The farmer is a small businessman, earning an annual salary of around Rs.3-5 lakhs. With no context, a person who can't look at ten different tools at once has a hard time making sense of anything. As a result, our ultimate goal is to consolidate all of
these offerings into one solution for the farmer. For this reason, we refer to Kisanwala as both a platform and a marketplace".

Smart Agriculture
The primary goal of Kisanwala is to reduce the risks that farmers regularly encounter. “Throughout the farming process, from planting seeds to selling the harvest, farmers face several potential concerns that need to be mitigated. Thus, Kisanwala feels that smart agriculture is the only reasonable solution. Furthermore, it facilitates the growth of the farmer's revenue by first ensuring its stability. As a result, Kisanwala's services are built on the foundation of Smart Agriculture”, adds Parag Modi.

Kisanwala's Smart Agriculture services include supplying farmers with inputs through satellite-based image technology, allowing the company to better assist farmers despite their limited land. Kisanwala's philosophy is that providing agronomy services at no cost to the farmer is the right thing to do and that the company's team should instead focus on finding profitable avenues for these services. Since the service is intended for the farmer at no cost, Kisanwala will figure out how to monetize the platform.

Traceability is the next pillar of Smart Agriculture, allowing farmers to follow their harvest from farm to factory. Farmers can track and optimize the supply chain, as well as gain insight into what is grown on the farm, the quality of the food, the amount of residue on the produce, and the number of chemicals used. Again, this will aid farmers by increasing their income when implemented. For Kisanwala, Smart Agriculture's use of satellite-based technologies will be a boon to India's small and medium-sized farms.

The primary goal of Kisanwala is to reduce the risks that farmers regularly encounter

According to Kisanwala, its competitive advantage lies in its skilled management team. Having spent over 30 years in the agricultural industry, Suresh and Ram are familiar with the difficulties faced by India's farmers. Since they know exactly what they're trying to solve, it's easier for the company to achieve optimal results. Additionally, the company's founders can relate to the farmers owing to their extensive experience, and they are working to alter the farmers' mindset by educating them on the benefits of smart agriculture. Kisanwala's comprehensive variety of offerings is another key differentiator. These are only a few examples of how Kisanwala differs from its competitors and why it's successful there.