Kishore Group: Manufacturing Affordable & High-Quality Pharmaceutical Packaging Products

 Arjun Kishore Mehra,     CEOOne Small Step by a Man, led to a Giant Leap in Mankind!”. This is what the journey of Kishore Group is all about. Kishore Group commenced operations way back in 1959. Let’s rewind to the late 1950s when Pharmaceuticals did not mean anything to mankind; merely just a way to cure illness. Where packaging of pharmaceutical injectable drugs was done by hand. That is the time when Kishore Group evolved by manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging products.

The journey began by manufacturing Glass Ampoules on a very small scale with help of importing machinery and technical know how from Germany under a small roof which fetched us an output of 5000 Numbers (0.005 Million) a month. Later, as years passed and the Healthcare Industry began to grow, Kishore Group also started to grow and diversify its business into other packaging products for the industry, Glass Vials, Caps, and Closures were added to the portfolio of Kishore Group. With this benchmark, Kishore Group has spread its wings nationwide and has managed to have recognition overseas as well. Currently, Kishore Group is diversified in the Western and Southern Region of the country having over 4 Manufacturing Units.

As decades have passed and technologies have changed, Kishore Group has always been at the forefront and adapted to the changes and innovation as per Industry Standards. Today, Kishore Group has a growth of nearly 15 – 18 percent YoY and has a trustful clientele base of nearly above 150 both nationally and worldwide.

Considering the thriving attributes of Kishore Group, it’s no wonder that the Thane-based firm is one of the emerging global pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers based out of India. In the past 63 years of its existence, Kishore Group has gained a fairly respectable and trustful position and falls under the Top 5 Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical packaging for Small Volume Parental Drugs. It has not only made a mark in the Indian market but also strives to set
benchmarks globally as well. It is looking forward to penetrating its position by exploring Global Markets be it Non-Regulatory or Regulatory by gaining the required Accreditation and Certifications. Recently, Kishore Group has been certified by the USFDA DMF which opens their market to supply to regulatory countries. Likewise, Kishore Group is also in the process of applying for certification for other countries, which shall be in the near future.

Customer is King
Anchored across the Indian pharmaceutical industry since 1959, Kishore Group is engaged in manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging products. Kishore Group today is a Transnational Pharmaceutical Packaging Company producing a wide range of quality and affordable packaging solutions for preserving precious Life Saving Drugs.

We will be expanding our product portfolio with various Secondary Packaging Products for Small as well as Large Volume Parenterals

A purely customer centric organization, Kishore Group is endeavouring to craft affordable solutions in line with consistency and timely delivery. In fact, the firm has been soaring up with fame as one of the fastest growing companies in the pharmaceutical packaging industry due to its USP: Zero Defects, Quality Assurance, Consistency in the product, Price Competency, Customized/Innovative Products, Timely Delivery, and Post Sales Service.

What makes Kishore Group a successful organization in all aspects is its 63 years of expertise, customer focus, high quality, passionate leaders, and empowered workforce. “We take a deep interest in customizing our products to meet the demands of our esteemed customers by prioritizing their needs. We focus on building long-term partnerships by keeping our customers at the forefront and making them our Business Partners", says Arjun Kishore Mehra, CEO.

He further adds, “We believe in building trust in each and every interaction with our customers and build a strong foundation for our relationship bond. Because we trust in ourselves, our customers trust us".

The Prosperous Future
Kishore Group plans to make phase wise investments in expanding its production capacity and also setting up a new manufacturing plant as per International Standards. Kishore Group also envisions diversifying its product portfolio by the addition of a few secondary packaging products and looks forward to gaining accreditation and certification from other countries also.