Kissan Agri Mall: A Name Synonymous with Quality Agri Input Supplier

Venkataswami Reddy Surasani,  Co-Founder & Director

Venkataswami Reddy Surasani

Co-Founder & Director

Agri Inputs (Crop protection chemicals & fertilizers) are widely utilized in modern agriculture as an effective and economical solution to enhance crop yield by preventing crops from harmful pests and weeds. Thus, the rise in crop yield helps to ensure food security for the growing populations. The sector is now utilising its R& D facilities, to develop newer products that are safer more effective and on par with international standards. Farmers lose a significant part of their income as their crops are being attacked by pests and weeds. Crop protection chemicals & fertilizers can play a vital role when judiciously applied, protecting the crop and produce from pests and increasing farm productivity. This increase is also due to the favourable government initiatives with respect to the agriculture sector. Today majority of consumers in the market are looking for high quality crop protection chemicals &fertilizers at competitive prices.

Kissan Agri Mall is one of the leading agricultural retail chains in the states of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana that is synonymous with quality, trust and farm advisory services. With these three core promises, Kissan Agri Mall is a one-stop solution provider that caters seed to post-harvest solutions to farmers. Its network of retail chain provides well-known international brands and good quality domestic products
at competitive prices.The company also provides farm advisory services, cropping practices, nutrition management, pest management, soil health, output procurement, seedlings, consultancy services and digital advisory for improving the crop yield as well as prosperity of farmers.

Varied Range of Products at Competitive Prices
Kissan Agri Mall has its unique business model as no company or dealer is offering multinational brands and seeds to post harvest services in the market. The firm has set up numerous physical retail outlet platforms at field level to serve to farmers. Currently, the company has 45 retail outlets running in five districts of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana where it has served more than 1,25,000+ farmers till date. The company offers high quality products that are produced by using advanced technology and available at competitive prices to farmers. Kissan Agri Mall is working closely with farming community to promote organic farming and offer products in the name of 'KAM' brand to farmers.

Kissan Agri Mall is a one stop solution provider that caters seed to postharvest solutions to farmers

Kissan Agri Mall also offers different types of organic fertilizers, bio stimulants and soil testing services at affordable price for farming community. The company has set up a CRM team at its head office in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. The team of dedicated agronomists are in direct touch with farmers and helps them in crop health management with the goal of achieving better yield. The certified seedlings are supplied by the company along with after sale services. Kissan Agri Mall has been selected as one of the top 25 startups in Agribusiness Startup Network for MDP program organized by IIM, Lucknow on 'strengthening agripreneurs for promoting agri value chains'. It has also been awarded with many other accolades such as certification from `Central Vigilance Commission' for adopting good governance to follow ethical practices in conducting business.

Moving forward, the company has planned to enter e-commerce sector in the coming future. As per the plan, Kissan Agri Mall will commence the business operations of e-Commerce by Rabi of this season and this would create an immense opportunity for them to reach out to more farmers with their services. Also, its retail operations will be catered in new geographies within Andhra Pradesh & Telangana states in next few years.