Kissht: Instant, Affordable & hassle-free EMI

Krishnan Vishwanathan,CEO & FounderAvailing a loan in India especially by the marginalized sections of the society have always been one of the major drawbacks of the vast financial industry. Though the industry has grown exponentially over the past few years, the sector still lags behind when it comes to offerings, convenience & accessibility in comparison to the western markets. This caught the attention of Krishnan Vishwanathan, a technology graduate when he was working with the leading names in the Bay Area and many startups across the United States. Coming back to India and joining McKinsey as a consultant and working on varied projects, he saw the huge gap existing in terms of financial inclusion in the country. Thus, always led by the desire to start his entrepreneurial stints, the idea of creating something in the financial space sparked him. He started off with a strategic consulting firm, Si-Crevia that worked with over 100 institutions in the banking and corporate sector. In the meantime, he came across numerous incidents that portrayed how acquiring a loan for lower income segment was not easy as they were judged on various grounds. This stimulated him to work towards
making financial inclusion for lower income segment & new to credit segment. Hence, Kissht came into existence.

“Led by a team of 120 people, Kissht has its presence across 50+ cities with 500, 000+ customers and has been able to acquire 50K-75K customers for EMI card every month”

Kissht is recognized as an instalment & digital lending platform that enables instant loans for purchases. With the brand name, ONEMi& the corporate name, Kishht, the company imbibes the latest technology, automation, robotic manner for approving loans, data analytics & more by making it a hassle-free, affordable approach with creating an impressive user experience.

Quick,Transparent&Hassle-Free Approach
With the unique business model, Kissht has added a major impact in the low ticket lending to the lower income segment in a profitable manner. Targeting the consumers & merchants, both offline & online, Kissht enables an instant, seamless credit for consumers to make purchases at digital points of sales. It gives the consumers the affordability solution with a variety of EMI payment options on the purchase of accessories, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Tour Package, Health Packages and many more. Explaining on its flagship offering, EMI card, Krishnan avers, “The EMI card is
a virtual card that assigns a customer a limit. Once the limit is assigned, the customer can go to any partnered merchants’ offline and online & with the single click will be able to take a loan.” He adds, “Our EMI payment gateway allows the merchant partners to offer quick loan EMI, credit card EMI as well as select debit card EMI from 20+ financial institutions we have partnered with.”

Kissht acts a partner to the banks & NBFCs as an end-to-end loan origination, underwriting & servicing company. The company's API integrated platform helps merchants to publish on their websites whereby they can enroll them and borrow the API code and can go live within 48 hours.

A Trendsetter in making Financial Inclusion India
Mumbai headquartered Kissht approach towards execution and sale has always been very prudent. Led by a team of 120 people, Kissht has its presence across 50+ cities with 500, 000+ customers and has been able to acquire 50K-75K customers for EMI card every month. The company has recently raised $10 Mn funding in a round led by Chinese investment conglomerate, Fosun International. Also, the company has received funding from early-stage venture capital firms Endiya Partners & Ventur east. The company has a monthly disbursal round rate of 15 cr.Focusing more on the recent funding, Krishnan concludes, “We want to be a trendsetter in making financial inclusion happen in India. With our recent funding, we are keen to expand to tier 2 & tier3cities where opportunities are more.”