KLPN Digitech: Adding Business Value with the Best Resources

Neha Jain, Co-founder, Head HR,Tanima Banerjee, Co-founder & Director

Neha Jain

Co-founder, Head HR

The world is stepping forward in bridging the gap between gender biases in organizations. Though this a positive note, it is still not easy for a woman to juggle between home and work amidst the hurdles in the corporate world. None of us can deny the fact that work-timing extensions and heavy job escalations are common in companies. Especially to married women and mothers, the so-called 9 to 5 job which ends up being 9 to 9 - is indeed tedious. Experiencing the same scenario, Neha Jain and Tanima Banerjee, stepped out of the employee zone. They believed that efficiency and smart work is important rather than the number of hours we work. To prove that focus can thrive us to complete the same amount of work in half the time, the courageous ladies took a bold step towards entrepreneurship completely bootstrapped. After trials, errors, and lots of learning, they established KLPN Digitech ­ show-casing IT Services as their forte.

The young company offers an end-to-end hiring solution, human resource staffing, and more IT Services, which provides innovative out-of-the-box turnkey solutions to customers for addressing their complex hiring challenges. The company's portfolio includes manpower support, hiring process outsourcing (RPO), staff augmentation, and Training & Development. "Our in-depth market knowledge and experience in technological and Managerial strength is helping us in a

better understanding of customer's resource requirement. We have specialized in solving hiring challenges in companies," says Neha Jain, Co-founder, Head HR.

Mitigating several challenges through the journey the company, KLPN Digitech transformed into a preferred talent acquisition partner to multinationals and leading Indian businesses to emerge as the leading hiring brand nationally. "The com-petition among organizations is at an all-time high raising the demand for a compliant and reliable talent force. However, onboarding clients was a tough job. We had to prove our capability to gain trust from them and therefore initially started by taking up the challenging positions that were not closed for many years. Our services along with our role as trusted IT Service providers for Indian professionals translates into our core capability," mentions Tanima Banerjee, Co-founder & Director

Tanima Banerjee, Co-founder & Director

Team KLPN has extensive experience in helping companies innovate; creating a significant positive impact on their operating margins. They aim to deliver innovative solutions and services that enable clients to win in the changing world of work. "We measure success by client's ability to achieve their talent acquisition business goals and sustain their competitive advantage through continuously meeting their hiring objectives in the long term. We have a strong delivery team and collaborate closely with our clients so that the voice that is heard and the image that is seen reflects a common vision," in-forms the co-founders.

KLPN envisions doubling the revenue in six months down the line. The company focuses on constant improvement on an everyday basis instead of looking for a static long-term goal. "Based on our understanding of the concept of work, we actively pursue the development and adoption of the best practices worldwide. We dare to innovate, to pioneer, and to evolve. We never accept the status quo. We constantly challenge the norm to find new and better ways of doing things," they conclude.