KNAB Finance Advisors: Financing Capital Needs of MSMEs

Mandeep Chaudhary,Vineet Gupta& Thomas Varghese,Co- FoundersBanking has evolved for centuries and is continuously improving to provide right credit and deposit products. Credit needs assessment and assessment needs understanding of the customer, which is an expense. Where the understanding is fast, financial institutions have provided automated solutions as for consumers or individuals. For individuals, there are instant credit solutions as data is readily available for decision making while for big corporates, the whole process is manual and detailed. The challenge is with small and medium companies, where the assessment is costly and there are no available products for short term loans, as interest component is very low. KNAB Finance Advisors noticed this huge gap in the market leading to MSMEs being under served due to technical parameters related to credit eligibility and assessment.“Our vision at Knowledge Asset Based (KNAB) Finance is to work towards filling the lending gap on working capital for the micro and small enterprises
in India. Our aim is that all worthy companies get adequate and timely tranches of finance, to continue on their growth path,” speaks Mandeep Chaudhary, Co-Founder, KNAB Finance Advisors.

Team KNAB has set a strong foundation for them with its process, people and platforms including all the regulatory clearances

A goal to enable fast, flexible and easy credit for the businesses that require it, KNAB delivers a hassle free loan application process. “Every business that comes to us should be able to leverage the capital to reach greater heights. Over the last six months we have had around 10000+ micro and small businesses applying for a loan with us serving around 200 of them,” mentions Vineet Gupta, Co-Founder,KNAB Finance Advisors.

As Indian MSMEs have been a neglected lot in the credit chain and the manual costly process for acquisition and under writing has been the main hurdle constraining financial institutions on serving this segment, KNAB has built a robust automated origination and credit platform that makes the MSME on boarding extremely low cost enabling them to give small short term tenure loans for working capital. KNAB platform ensures Digital process with minimal paper
work,limiting it only where it is required due to legal or regulatory compulsions.

BizSmart Loan -Flexible & Customizable
Best known to provide adequate and timely tranches of finance to MSME companies to continue on their growth path, KNAB has their unique flagship offering named BizSmart loan which provides short term finance for working capital from 30 to 360 days eliminating the requirement of any collateral like property, stocks. BizSmart Loan is also suitable for supplier and channel financing and can also be availed even by first-time entrepreneurs with only a year's audited balance sheet. Further explaining about BizSmart Loan, Mandeep mentions,“Since the loans are e-enabled, processing them requires little documentation. The application is done directly, without any middlemen, thus eliminating all chances of encountering process delays and red tape.

KNAB has set a strong foundation with its processes, people and platforms including all the regulatory clearances. The company is on a journey to provide micro and small entrepreneurs with access to funds within 24 hours with credit decision being taken within 4hours of a complete application. “We have been lucky and humbled by the support of Tushar Chopra,a pioneer in consumer finance in India. He has supported us as an active advisor and has helped us to build a robust and customer centric organization,” concludes Thomas.