Koanex: Enabling Business by Design

Uttam Panda,CEO & Founder

Uttam Panda

CEO & Founder

While Technology is transforming at a frantic pace, every company is incorporating the latest technologies to drive their business. But there are only few start-ups that are completely tech-driven and strive not only to shove their business but also to help other enterprises reach excellence with innovations. Among the profuse of such start-ups, Koanex established by Uttam Panda is a company that utilizes the Zen elemental wisdom to solve business problems by substituting formulation with real-world experience. Koanex is hived off from the parent company called AIDoings- A complete AI-driven brand. While working on the product lines for AIDoings, the founder was inspired to work on every product for the 4th Industrial revolution. He realized there is an imbalance in the business eco-system which is to be addressed with the deep-tech mechanism. With this thought, he ventured Koanex in the year 2019. "Koanex are Zen storytelling cognitive tools to explore deeper truths and abstractions of self and the world. Our initiative with the company is to apply the diverse talent and expertise to the business space. We strive to replace traditional body shopping formulation with intuitive innovation at a micro level," says Uttam Panda, CEO & Founder.
It is an engineering-driven brand enabled by a strong identical ethos, experience, and expectations. It is serving across various verticals such as Embedded Software, Auto-motive, AI, Mobile Application and others. It also caters to specialized service modules that include Product Engineering, Design Consulting, Quality Engineering, and DevOps Transformation. The value proposition of Koanex is decoding business intuition through technology, empowering talent in emerging markets & adaptive product design partner.

Steps Taken to Build a Rich Work Culture
"Educating our employees with our in-house academy or by providing an incredible work environment, we're fully committed to empowering talents in the emerging markets. The culture at Koanex is self-in-spired rather than being dictated. We believe in applying elemental wisdom to nurture our talent pool and stay aligned to our delivery methodology with ground realities," he informs.

Koanex is on a mission to provide and create intelligent products/services for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Brighter Days Ahead
Koanex looks at the next 10 years as a crucial term in shaping the next tech revolution. With many devices gaining intelligence, deep-tech innovation would lead the way to-wards the delivery of last-mile innovation to end-users. At Koanex, they are optimistic about serving with 360-degree intelligence as a service. "Scaling up to heights, we aspire to make Koanex as an effective force in implementing innovation by partnering with product vendors to bring solution that delivers qualitative and quantifiable outcomes." he asserts. In three years, Koanex has estimated to mark the turnover of 50 Million USD. In terms of client acquisition, it wishes to be associated with every company that is part of the 4th Industrial Revolution products.

The Bangalore-based company wants to expand the presence to various parts of India, Europe, Singapore, and Australia. It is on a mission to provide and create intelligent products/services for the 4th Industrial Revolution. The brand aims to be leaders in redefining the traditional approach of outsourcing. It wants to provide extraordinary services to customers by in-vesting profits to design the talents in India.