Konsciously: Building Essential Life Skills & Achieving Holistic Well-being through Interactive Audio-based Journeys!

Satvik Agarwal,Founder & CEO

Satvik Agarwal

Founder & CEO

We are amidst an en-during impact of mental & emotional instability. People focus a lot on building a great body but underestimate the importance of a calm mind and intellect. According to a recent report by WHO, one in every seven faces mental & emotional criticalities. It is high time these are addressed and an equable, healthy mind is nurtured for every-one. Aligned to this, the young Satvik Agarwal who was following the teachings and philosophies of Swami Vivekananda was inspired to do something for holistic well-being for youngsters. His passion was always inclined towards entrepreneurship. Though he pursued Bachelors in CS (Data Science) from the UW, Seattle, and got an offer at Goldman Sachs at New York, deep down, he knew that his heart was in India. Eventually, with an idea of redefining the wellness space with the concept of ancient Indian teachings and philosophy of interactions, he launched Konsciously.

The platform is a well-being & skill development app to develop life skills & transform inner-self through real-time interactive podcasts, articles, and tasks. "We at Konsciously, believe that true well-being is not merely meditation and spirituality. To live a wholesome life, one needs to have a good workplace mind, a good personal development oriented mind, and a spiritually curious mind as well," says Satvik Agarwal, Founder & CEO.
What makes it great?
The technically intricate product provides a calming and soothing user interface. It covers over 500 concepts which include a variety of topics like, Managing Anxiety and Stress, Improving Concentration, Improving Relationships, Building Better Habits, Anger Management, Forgiveness, Self Esteem, Gratitude, Motivation, Happiness, Self-motivation, Positivity, Achieving a Winning Mindset, Kicking out bad habits, Basics of Spirituality, Self-confidence, Combating Panic Attacks & Mood swings, The Law of Attraction, Sleep Optimization, Diets, Mindfulness, Motivation and Goal Setting, Personal Finance, Better Leadership, Making Good Decisions, Depression, and more.

The company has designed interactive and transformational journeys across 4 verticals. Prepared by a group of experts, the journeys portray brevity and interactivity. They are divided very neatly into certain milestones that cover various aspects of the journey. Talking about the USP he informs, "What makes us innovative and different is the real-time interactions embedded in the journeys. While you are reading or listening, you will be prompted with real-time questions and affirmation-visualization-breathing-journaling tasks and insightful tips, trivia."

Konsciously has been incubated by NASSCOM and it is all set to be mentored by NSRCEL, IIM-B as a part of their Launchpad Program-2020

The tips provided by the app will help people maintain mental wellbeing and enable them to live a rich and healthy life with greater self-esteem, self-worth, and less stress & anxiety. They are short, fun, and conversational. The narrators are experts in their space and have calibrated the flow and tone to appeal to people across all age groups. Konsciously is also agnostic from a religious perspective and present in such a way that anyone of any age, religion, gender, ethnicity with an open mind can understand and gain much out of it.

The Plans Ahead
The company is planning to pitch the product to corporates and educational institutions in India and outside. It is looking forward to market the product at a global level. Moreover, it is all set to be mentored by NSRCEL, IIM-B as a part of their Launchpad Program-2020. "Most of the products in the wellness space in India are focused on physical wellness. The ones on mental wellness are derivatives of big giants like Calm and Headspace. What is missing is the unique value proposition that is effective and also Indian at the same time. That is exactly what we are trying to tap into," he concludes.