Kooriee: The Same-Day-Delivery Expert

Satish Murthy , Founder & CEO

Satish Murthy

Founder & CEO

With every sector looking for avenues to tighten their expenditure and reduce the effort demanding mundane tasks, the companies are now focusing primarily on their core growth. Logistics doesn’t have a different story to convey, as outsourcing the supply chain & warehousing part has become the ‘new-norm’ of businesses. Right from big players to small businesses, all are leaving their logistics channel to those who command expertise over the same. As per a media house, due to the recent e-Commerce boom, the market is being steered in a direction that would give rise to the demand of 40,000 deliveries per day. Satyanarayana (Satish) Murthy Yenamandra, decided to ride this outsourcing wave and ventured Kooriee that caters not only to large e-Commerce players but also to traditional businesses as their sole logistic solution partner.

Today, with Kooriee, forget about app installation and long on-boarding processes. It schedules the pick-up with one
single WhatsApp message and then impresses the delivery-end by delivering the order by end-of-the-day, only charging Rs.50 extra, which eventually augments customer loyalty for clients and happiness for individuals. Recognized as the same-day-delivery expert, Kooriee today has grown from a 23 people strong startup to a 233-agent strong workforce within months from inception.

Kooriee schedules the pick-up with one single WhatsApp message and impresses the customer by delivering the order by end-of-the-day

Delivering Smiles

The delivery agents are the real face of an organization who can diametrically affect the company’s image. With proper training, route planning and lean operating model Kooriee provides reliable yet affordable logistics solutions that can be customised as per the clients needs.Kooriee’s scalable model came through well thought through standardization, internal processes and most importantly selecting the right set of Field Force that is ready to scale any challenges and deliver smiles to its customers.

Incorporating a personal touch, Kooriee provides these services to
businesses of any size. Still, the main caliber and reason for smooth execution of its services lies in its carefully nurtured management team, its innovative employee incentive policies and the trained work force deployed on the ground who are ready to perform to varying spikes of volumes. For example, during a recent sale of a large eCommerce marketplace, Kooriee was able to deliver over 1.5 Lakh deliveries during the sale season alone, which is phenomenal for a start up of a few months in this space.

A Progressive Growth Ahead

Kooriee has achieved an impressive ten times revenue growth within shut-eye time and received pre-Series A funding this month after pulling along this impressive growth through its seed funding so far. The company believes in traditional business mindset and with a strong focus on cost, diversification of services, has achieved break-even in its first year of operations, which again stands out in the logistics start up world.

In addition to serving its customers in Bangalore where it was founded, Kooriee serves its large clients in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi/NCR and Mumbai and now harbors the aim of expanding its services in all these cities to provide end-to-end intra-city logistics from 10 gms to 100 Kgs and aims to become the partner of choice to its customers for all their logistics needs.