Kourier Sprint: Same Day Delivery Service at your fingertips

Vishwanadh,Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CEO

Customers want faster delivery cycles when they order items, which is why companies are doing all they can to offer same day delivery service. When an item is needed in a hurry by a consumer, they are less likely to shop around for the best price. This means they will not be concerned with what they pay, if they can get the item delivered in time.

There's a lot of gap in the last mile delivery segment whether it is in hyper local or intercity logistics with respect to time, cost, certainty & type of the carrier. Thus, Bangalore-based Kourier Sprint is ensuring to take down those gaps to full-fill last mile delivery by reducing logistics costs and solving the pain points of SME's & micro entrepreneurs.

Kourier Sprint is an AI and ML based product offering its customers a painless last mile delivery with good customer experience. Seizing this opportunity, Kourier Sprint offers easy pickup and delivery at low cost alternative to other expensive logistics to consumers, sellers and e-commerce business. Kourier Sprint was established in February 2019 by Vishwa and K.P.Rao having several years of operational and sales experience in logistics industry.

Key functions
Kourier Sprint's vision is to create reliable, fast and affordable same day delivery
ecosystem for individual, business and corporate. It is technology-based online and mobile app parcel booking platform that has transformed logistics by bringing ease and convenience to customers. Kourier Sprint offers easy parcel booking through its website and mobile app for all major cities. Its app enables user to send anything, from a small packet to a large parcel, to destinations throughout the city and at reasonably low price.

Their services include food, groceries, medicines, documents and retail deliveries. Customers can track their parcel delivery and find their item's whereabouts with the mobile maps or on website from the time of pick-up till delivery. The delivery executive will pick the parcel and deliver it to a destination with hassle-free paperwork or without continuous follow-up by making calls. They use AI technology to make the information flow proactive, reliable and transparent to remove stress of safe or timely dispatches. Also, their logistics platform makes the transportation process more data-driven to bring costs down and are also preparing themselves for the logistics challenges that lie ahead.

Kourier Sprint uses AI technology to make the information flow proactive, reliable and transparent to remove stress of safe or timely dispatches

Future clarity
As Kourier Sprint is a bootstrapped start-up company running with their own funds has picked up rapidly. Started in early 2019 with nine employees, has seen growth day by day with good workforce and a solid fleet network. Especially in this pandemic situation, delivery plays a major role that elevates the company's revenue.

In the near future, they will reach out to the right investors who can partner with them in geographical expansion, invest in technology, strengthen business teams and expand to newer cities. The journey so far is constructive and smooth with the company currently operating out of 12 locations across India, and is additionally present in over 20 cities through its partner network at a revenue of 1.5 crore per annum. Subsequently, they will be connecting 60 Tier I and Tier II cities within a radius of 200kms and soon looking forward to expand at PAN India level in a strategic way at 10 crore revenue target in next 1 year. The company has got huge traction, especially from Tier I, Tier II and Tier IIl cities. Given the size of the market, the company is happy to say the headroom for growth is still massive.