Krushi India Corporation:A Preferred Fertilizer Brand Pan India for Vendors & Farmers

Nikunj Makwana,   PartnerIndia is a major player in the global agrochemicals business, and recent advances in both research and innovation have given the sector enormous room to expand as the market readies itself for rapid expansion. There are already over a thousand agritech businesses operating in India, and this industry has long had the support of venture capital firms, loan funds, and angel investors. The agrochemical sector has had a profound impact on India's agricultural landscape in recent years, allowing farmers to consistently achieve higher yields and greater levels of crop protection.

The rapid increase in the world's population drives the agrochemicals industry forward by raising the demand for food production and stimulating the economy. Farmers are feeling pressure to apply a variety of agrochemicals to boost land production and preserve soil health in response to rising food demand and shrinking farmland as a result of the magnified impact of urbanisation. Forecasts for the future of the agrochemicals business in India are optimistic, thanks to the country's improving economic climate and its increasingly integrated farming techniques. Market expansion is also being fuelled by government policies, international trade, optimistic forecasts, and the laws of supply and demand. Among many agri startups, Krushi India Corporation is one of the front runners which were established in 2015. It is inclined toward providing quality organic manure.

Customers these days always expect quality products at affordable prices. "We have ensured that superior quality is provided at reasonable prices. Because of quality consistency and cost-effectiveness, CALSIPHOS has received an awesome response from the world of farming. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is already in place. Our processing facility is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and methods, making the production of these goods a breeze", says Nikunj Makwana, Founder, Krushi India Corporation.
Krushi India corporation is delivering strong customer service by using an effective marketing tool known as word of mouth advertising. "As a quality-oriented company, we make every effort to ensure consistent product quality. We offer a diverse selection of products under the categories of biofertilizer, organic fertilizer, secondary nutrients, mixed fertilizers, water soluble fertilizer, liquid fertilizers, and so on. To ensure the highest possible quality of our products, we have built an extensive quality testing facility equipped with cutting edge testing equipment. Furthermore, our quality controllers verify the complete product line at every stage, from raw material acquisition to final shipping. We do quality tests on several parameters to assure the quality of the items before selling them to consumers", speaks Nikunj.

Krupesh Paneliya, Partner

The company consists of skilled, efficient and dexterous individuals who are dedicated to the goal of the organization. The company has administrators, dealers, warehouse personnel, transportation personnel, quality controllers, packaging staff and sales executives to maintain the smooth functioning of the company from production to sales. The company is highly concerned about the quality of the product which ensures customer trust. Krupesh Patel(MD), Nikunj Makwana(Founder) and Ravi Pithadiya(Founder) are three important pillars of the company specialised in managerial skills, the experience of quality testing and quality management skills respectively. Since its inception, the company has shown growth from a network in Gujarat to currently in Assam, Bihar, M.P and other states. The company has increased the production capacity to 50000 MT per year now. The company supplies their products to the government of India.

Ravi Pithadiya, Partner

Future Roadmap
The goal of Krushi India Corporation is to have their fertilizer brand be the one that vendors and farmers all over India prefer. For this reason, the company is working tirelessly to disseminate information on the most effective tools and techniques for agriculture to the rural population at large. The goal of this project is to raise public awareness of the Krushi India Corporation application that helps farmers save money and produce more food.