Kubera Fantasy: An Ultimate Online Fantasy Sports Platform Promising Unique Experience

  K Naga Jagadeswara Reddy, Founder,   A Manohar Raju, Founder

K Naga Jagadeswara Reddy, Founder

A Manohar Raju, Founder

With digital evolution, the gaming industry has also been continuously progressing. Emerging as a fast-growing segment, it is taking complete advantage of the latest technological developments, better internet connectivity, and affordable feature equipped smart phones. As a sports-loving nation, it was never a surprise how sports enthusiasts shifted from offline to online gaming, especially fantasy sports. While the fantasy sports industry was witnessing growth, the pandemic acted as a catalyzing agent in the growth of online gaming platforms. India's fantasy sports market is projected to grow from Rs 34,600 crore in FY21 to an estimated Rs 1,65,000 crore by FY25,clocking a CAGR of 38 percent. Recent user growth towards fantasy gaming has widened opportunities for new and existing platform providers and other supporting sectors. Safety and security are important aspects of users these days. Kubera Fantasy is an online fantasy sports platform established in 2019, which is committed to ensuring safety and security throughout the gaming experience.

The fantasy gaming platform has penetrated every age group in the country. The founder K Naga Jagadeswara Reddy, A Manohar Raju and T Parvateswam have been fans of fantasy sports since childhood. Taking note of the growing markets of fantasy sports platforms, the trio always wanted to add
excitement to these sports to make them more engaging and interesting. Later, they set up Kubera fantasy which offers sports lovers the platform to join their heart felt leagues like DUO, QUINTO, Classic and Game Changer to get huge cash rewards and prizes.

The founder’s different skill sets such as tech, finance and marketing helped the firm to capture a good place in the fantasy gaming industry. “Since inception, we are trying multiple new concepts to find the best market fit. The main point is that Kubera Fantasy Provides a unique gaming experience with its concepts like DUO, Game Changer and QUINTO and provides the best offers with less platform fee. We always try to enhance the performance of the gaming activities with safety and security. We always look forward to adding novel features to the app according to the latest technological trend”, speaks K Naga Jagadeswara Reddy, Founder, Kubera Fantasy.

Kubera Fantasy provides various games and sports options on one platform where users can play a massive collection of interactive and rewarding games

Kubera Fantasy provides various games and sports options on one platform where users can play a massive collection of interactive and rewarding games. This platform has popular games like cricket and kabaddi. “We are planning to include more sports like Football, Basketball, Ludo, Carroms and others. We are looking at gaming trends and creating ideas for the game. Also trying to innovate something new. We are deploying latest technologies like big data, and predictive algorithms to collect and analyze various player behaviours. Then, based on the data, we announce offers and promotions for our users. Along with this, we have fastened the withdrawal services and added a few other features which will help users to have a better gaming experience”, says A Manohar Raju, Founder, Kubera Fantasy.

Future roadmap
Having chalked out the consistent growth so far, Kubera fantasy always tries to introduce new gaming concepts and improve the business with new emerging tools and technologies. It tries to create a brand image with an innovative marketing strategy.Pertaining to the ever-increasing revenue collection in this field, the company is planning to increase their user base ahead of the world cup and IPL by 10X since these are one of the most loved leagues in the country.