Karishma Kirpalani, Founder & Head of Business Development

Karishma Kirpalani

Founder & Head of Business Development

When considering the whole advertising and marketing space, digital is relatively a new entrant when compared to the other more traditional methods such as print ads and so on. Going beyond the convention, today, businesses have come to the realization that using digital, their communication can be greatly augmented and at a much more economical rate. Even the industry giants are buying into this and they are making more of a move into the digital space keeping a comparatively lesser presence in terms of traditional methods than before. Chennai based. Kwink is offering a wide range of services from web solutions to overall digital marketing and much more. Kwink works in tandem with its clients across many verticals right from defining a brand’s identity such as creating logos, collaterals, corporate videos and presentations, product photoshoots, website, uniform designs, in store creatives, designing covers and packaging, right up to the brand building/awareness activities like social media services, online ads, SEO, Blogger meets, pamphlet and brochure design, theatre ads, stall designs, video ads. It has tie ups with other companies to offer additional services like PR, Online reputation management, media buying, and market research. “A few years back, Digital media was the thing, everybody wanted an online presence. We had a lot of clients who would come up and say I want to get viral! Today the hype around digital has subsided quite a bit and it takes less effort from our end to convince a client that digital marketing is much more than that, today it’s all about sustained visibility and growth that is more long lasting,” says Karishma Kirpalani, Founder & Head Of Business Development.

Kwink began its operations as a digital marketing company and eventually realized that most of its clients required marketing support beyond its online services to ensure that the online promotions are supported by a strong offline strategy. The team then began providing custom end-to-end solutions to their clients to help them meet their specific requirements that suited their product/service. And this is how Kwink has evolved into a bespoke creative agency.

The Founding Story
Team Kwink is all about a group of individuals from all walks of life working together towards a common goal. A mix of people brought together by unknown forces to push the boundaries of advertising. It all started when Karishma right after her MBA got placed with Godrej. During this time, she started developing a keen interest towards digital marketing. She moved to Chennai after her marriage, where she established a digital marketing division in a company. Eventually she decided to start her own company where the primary focus would be on digital marketing. So along with the team from the existing digital marketing division and a close friend, she set up Kwink in 2016. “Initially the six of us worked out of a small 8 by 8 room in a basement flat shared with another company. Today, we have taken over the entire flat space and our team strength has grown close to 20.
We have grown from just a digital marketing company to become a full-fledged creative agency with digital still being our back bone. We have recently added video services and photography to our portfolio and are in the process of adding 3D animated videos with special effects by 2020,” she expounds.

The company houses a team of digital marketing enthusiasts who come from all over India. It follows a fun-loving and open work culture. “We also have flexible work timings and decide on the days off in a year very democratically. You need three things to be a part of our team, Passion, constant evolution and team work,” she asserts.

Sharath Kumar Surendra, Creative Head:
He prefers putting pen to paper any day. He conceptualises creative campaigns, storylines, etc. which helps clients’ to position their brands with depth and clarity

Urmi Santra, Head of Marketing & Brand Relations:
She heads marketing and brand strategy at Kwink. With her sharp mind and clarity of thought, she creates the most effective and efficient strategies and solutions

The Success Story
Kwink is blessed with brilliant mentors - the ones who have been instrumental in helping set up the company and mentors who have over the years given the team their guidance owing to their own personal successes and their own vast pool of experience. “Dr Ashok Kirpalani, who is one among India’s leading Nephrologists and Mr Ramachandran Ganapathi, who is the chairman of Trigyn Technologies (a public listed company) are the ones who have really stood by us from inception. They have encouraged us, guided us and supported us in all possible ways and we take great pride in saying that they are an integral part of the foundation that has been laid upon which Kwink stands,” she adds.

Team Kwink is all about a group of individuals from all walks of life working together towards a common goal

Currently, the team is working on increasing the scope of work and taking the digital game a notch higher for its existing clients. “We would like to offer a wider array of services and break into new verticals. We are looking to become a company with a turnover of 5 Cr. by 2021 and in time, expand our presence to Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Dubai, and Bangkok,” she concludes

Pradnya Aroor, Head Of Operations And Brand Strategy:
Her day starts with trying to avoid traffic and for the rest of the day she tries to build it. She makes lists and waves them in our face as a constant reminder of how much work there is left. She is “fondly” referred to as the reality check. But most of her day and some times night goes in ensuring and coming up with new ideas on how our clients can stay relevant in the digital world.

Offerings: Digital, Social, Web
Offices: Chennai

Very few companies in the market today deliver what they promise. Kwink is in that category. There is no one dull day with Kwink. They surprise us day after day with their strategies and creatives to go with it. All in all, Kwink is the whole package. - Dr Maneck Nicholson, Nicholson Eye Clinic