Kyndleit Consulting: Simplifying IT Management & Cloud Computing

 Manish Kumar Arora & Santhosh Bhojraj,   DirectorsThe past few decades have witnessed phenomenal business growth. Corporat ization, globalization, and digitalization have led to the emergence of supersized businesses, with their databases running into several terabytes. The biggest challenge for a company is funding the IT infrastructure and managing the database. Companies are increasingly opting for cloud based data management to overcome some of the infrastructure problems. Shifting data to the cloud calls for modifications to applications, additional security measures, automating processes, and induction of cloudcentric management tools and platforms, proesses that are generally complex and expensive. Services of IT services companies such as Kyndleit Consulting are needed to manage these challenging issues.

Established in 2019 and headquartered in Faridabad Kyndleit is an IT consulting company providing infrastructure transformation services. Santhosh Bhojraj and Manish Kumar Arora are the directors and key personnel of the company. In addition to its expertise, Kyndleit offers a basket of services to help companies to remain competitive while leveraging the full potential of their IT infrastructure.

A Basket of IT Services
Kyndleit manages and provides consultation services in critical areas such as IT operations management, application performance, business intelligence, automation, IT security and data storage management.

Kyndleit assists businesses in adopting cloud computing services by transforming the IT infrastructure, workflows, and security requirements. The company creates the appropriate platform to simplify the
management of IT infrastructure. Kyndleit identifies system inefficiencies and technical problems while helping the client overcome obstacles in the adoption of technology. It assists clients in monitoring the performance of the applications. Business intelligence, the result of well analyzed data is vital for making important business related decisions. By developing and deploying enterprise processes and by integrating related technologies, Kyndleit assists clients in exploiting the full potential of the data source. Kyndleit helps its clients experience the power of automation with its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and IT Process Automation services. Automated services help clients bid adieu to laborious manual processes.

IT security is another important service provided by Kyndleit. With hackers getting smarter, the topic assumes greater importance. Kyndleit's IT security services help prevent unauthorized access to databases, enhance information security, and ensure security controls are in place. In addition, Kyndleit, in association with Leading backup software provides data storage and management services to its clients. The service comprises solutions for data storage, protection, replication, and recovery. Kyndleit's services are customized to cater to the needs of the clients. The company's services help its clients achieve operational efficiency and improved financial performance. With better coordination between business practices and IT infrastructure, business risks get reduced, and end-users experience improved service.

Santhosh Bhojraj, Director

Team Kyndleit comprises architects, engineers, consultants, and specialists, coming from diverse fields, and having vast experience in their domains. The directors are well experienced in the field of network and security management.

Kyndleit works with reputed organizations such as Broadcom, Infosys, TCS, Service Now, ARC serve

Kyndleit's vision is to become a global IT consulting company. The company plans to add value to clients' operational efficiency by leveraging technology and optimizing their IT investments. The company cherishes values such as personal and professional integrity, team-work, and open communication.

Kyndleit has performed consistently well even during the pandemic. The company's turnover increased by over 50 percent between 2019 and 2021. It plans to expand its operations to Chennai and Bengal-uru shortly. The company plans to focus on skill development and security solutions during the current year. Initiatives such as Make in India,and the focused infrastructure development programs have put the spotlight on cloud-based IT services. Kyndleit Consulting looks forward to a bright future.