Labotist: The Online Laboratory

Jayaprakaash Jayaraman,Co-Founder & CEO

Jayaprakaash Jayaraman,Co-Founder& CEO

The healthcare industry is ever evolving and ever growing. We see newer innovations every single day that are changing the lives of people. India has recently experienced development in this sector with newer companies mushrooming from time to time who want to provide the appropriate ease of healthcare to the countrymen. Labotist, a healthcare startup from the state of Tamil Nadu wants to spread the idea of healthcare at doorstep with no stone unturned in its wellness program.

“One of my friends who is a wellness doctor used to help out 130 patients a month. We started discussing about how to get this service online and serve a lot morepeople than we were. With my expertise in the healthcare sector and my friend’s experience as a wellness doctor, we discussed
further and the actual seed of Labotist was sown”, says Jayaprakaash Jayaraman, CEO & Co-Founder.

"Labotist launched its online platform in January, 2018 from the city of Chennai from which it was able to expand to Bangalore by the end of the year, serving thousands of patients"

Fighting the Odds
India is experiencing an infrastructural change on the ground on healthcare. Multi specialty hospitals with modernised equipments are getting built everyday but still there seems to be a gap when it comes to catering those services to larger masses. Jayaprakaash states, “Going and availing a healthcare service has become very inconvenient now a days which is why we are focusing on a platform that can deliver healthcare services where we make it convenient and can offer additional services like home collection, online consultation thus adding further value at a lesser cost. It is about 1/5th to 1/6th of what one will spend at a hospital for the same treatment.”

As a convenient, technology driven platform that serves as a one stop solution for patients to easily choose from, Labotist connects with various labs across the city. It offers patients the convenience of
making their choice based on location, cost of test, quality and turnaround time. Patients also enjoy the added luxury of getting their samples collected in the comforts of their home by a trained phlebotomist guided by technology driven SoPs for blood collection guaranteeing error free sample collection and sample integrity.

In addition to the patient community, Labotist’s unique business model, benefits two other major stakeholders. Labs get additional revenue without taking on the has sles and operations of home blood sample collection, directly adding to their bottom line and the micro entrepreneurship platform enables the phlebotomists to work at the time and place of their choice enabling them additional income and better lifestyle.

The Journey over the Years
Over the years, the company has recorded a decent growth. Labotist launched its online platform in January, 2018 from the city of Chennai from which it was able to expand to Bangalore by the end of the year. It secured solid revenue by last year’s end as well. Expressing the good will and future of the company, Jayaprakaash concludes, “We want to be the best provider of phlebotomy in the country and in the next 12-18 months make our presence felt in all the major cities of the country.”