Lanstitut: Transcending Language Boundaries through its Unique Local Language Teaching Methodology

Khubaib Abdul Salam,  Co-Founder & CEO

Khubaib Abdul Salam

Co-Founder & CEO

“A different language is a different vision of life”, said Federico Fellini, the famous Italian film director and screenwriter. Nothing can better explain the advantage a person can have learning multiples languages. Given the added value an additional language offers, youngsters today are increasingly leaning towards learning new languages, especially the foreign ones. This is mainly due to the immense opportunities that one can avail both in India and abroad being well versed with a foreign language. Brandessence Market Research predicts the global Language Learning market that was worth $31.1 billion in 2017 is expected to reach 172.71 billion by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 18.7 percent over the forecast period.

While India is home to a large number of language training providers, the vast geographical area and the massive language diversity of our country pose serious challenges to the industry. This is where Delhi based Lanstitut comes into picture. Founded in 2021 by four Delhi University alumni Khubaib Abdul Salam, Abdul Vajid, Murshid Ibinu Rahman and Yasin Bin Saleem, the company has created a name for itself in the Indian language training market through its high quality and efficient language training services with a customer-centric approach.
“There are over 420 million people in India aged between 18-35 years who are not proficient in International languages. Keeping this in mind, we offer Digital-led cohort based foreign language training programs in regional languages to help our customers either crack the embassy level exams for work and study abroad or upskill them for MNC jobs in India. Offering international language programs in local languages according to the convenience of our customers has been a real game changer both for us and our customers”, explains Khubaib, Co-Founder & CEO, Lanstitut.

Currently offering services in Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi, some of the most prominent programs offered by Lanstitut include Spoken Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian and IELTS. Some of the major factors that set Lanstitut apart from its competitors is that both English and non-English speaking customers are now able to learn foreign languages through their preferred medium of language. Ensuring that none of the students missout on any class, the company also offers live interactive sessions and recorded sessions, which the students can access at their convenience. Once a student completes the necessary language training, he/she will be even offered direct placement opportunities from Lanstitut, thus ensuring 100 percent value for the students’ money.

We offer Digital-led cohort based foreign language training programs in regional languages to help our customers either crack the embassy level exams for work & study abroad or upskill them for MNC jobs in India

“Our language club creates a vibrant language speaking atmosphere so that our candidates can practice and enhance their speaking skills. We help them to become global citizens by providing them opportunities through cultural & linguistic immersion programs and intensive foreign language training classes which enable them to access international educational and working opportunities”, adds Khubaib.

Owing to such fine practices, Lanstitut currently has 1200+ registered users and 550 active customers. Having achieved a 6x revenue growth over the last year, the company is now eyeing to raise its pre-seed funding post which its seed round in early 2023. Going forward, it also aspires to have a 20 million user base and five million active customers by 2025 and foray into North Indian states and GCC region as well in the near future.